Stella Addon For “SEO by Yoast” Is Out!

It’s been a long time, folks! We’ve been carefully reading your feedback and thinking through your suggestions. We loved the idea of a SEO localization extension – thanks a lot Spencer, your idea is great, check your email ;) Meet Stella Addon for “SEO by Yoast”! It’s our brand new extension for Stella localization plugin for WordPress, which allows you to use your own SEO titles for translated wesbite versions. Permalink

Stella API reference: Custom Localizations. Part 3

Hi, today we will be working on custom strings localization. You will be able to localize your links, image urls, widget titles or another text information on your site. Permalink

Stella localization plugin for WordPress hits version 1.3

Good news, everyone! We’re rolling out the new version of Stella localization plugin for WordPress. We’ve fixed some issues, basing on your feedback, and added new features to the API, so now you can make Stella even more flexible! See what’s new after the break Permalink

Stella API reference: Custom Localizations. Part 2

I’m continuing to tell you about Stella API. Today we will be looking at post thumbnails. Permalink

Stella API reference: Custom Localizations. Part 1

We are working on Stella plugin custom localizations API. In these series of posts I want to tell what you can do with this API. Permalink

Free Versions of Stella and WPMU Bar Plugins for WordPress. Demo Stage for Stella!

Happy weekend, everyone! We got new updates for WPMU Bar and Stella! And from now on you can try Stella – it now has it’s own Demo-Stage!

Stella just got it’s own demo stage

The part we like the most is a Demo Stage for Stella – our multilingual content management and localization WordPress plugin. Our readers asked for it, so we are rolling out demo stand v. 1.0. We will improve it basing on your feedback – please, leave your comments! You can see what it looks like and play with it a bit by logging in (user: demo / pass: stella). By the way, the demo stage uses full version of Stella. Permalink

WordPress Users (Part II: User Area)

Hi guys!

After we learned how to create new roles and played with users’ capabilities, I’d like to tell you about the user area. This is a place on the website, available to blog users or customers only. Imagine that we need an online shop, where a registered user can download your price list or you need to display your custom information to various users, there could be dozens of different scenarios. This features makes your website more user friendly, with additional options. By the way, we already had a similar project and I well, it was really interesting to work on it. So without further do – let’s start! Permalink

WordPress Tutorial: Create Your Custom WordPress Dashboard Widget

Among all, WordPress Dashboard shows most recent updates and activity at your website. It’s nice to have useful things at hand, so let’s expand this functionality a little and create a custom widget for the WordPress Dashboard. Permalink – Instant Storefront for Your iPhone App

Huge announcement for us today, guys! As developers, we at always think of ways to simplify our dev lives and automate routine tasks. Isn’t it nice, when a neat piece of code or a handy service does something for you, leaving you more time to do fun things?

As we once mentioned, creating your mobile app is not the only challenge for an indie developer. In fact, development is fun, if you love it! But after your app is all ready and published, it needs promotion, and a place where you can showcase your app out there on the Net. Here comes Social Media. It helps you spread the word, informing people and creating awareness… Does it help? Definitely. Still, it would be nice to get a showcase platform, that lets you present you app. We know it, we’ve got our own apps, and we want to help you out!

We are proud to present you – a simple service that instantly creates a landing page for your iPhone app! It’s a little website that lets you showcase your app just in a few steps: sign up, fill up the fields, publish. As a result, you get a clean storefront page for your app. No worries about hosting, domain name purchase, setting up your server or any other routine things. Find out about other features: Permalink

New Version of Stella! + Automatic Updates for our Plugins

Great news for our plugins users! New versions of  WPMU Bar (ver 1.1) and Stella (1.2.37) plugins support automatic updates from our server! It is just like the standard WordPress update:

To get the latest version just click “update now” and voilà, here it is!

Once more, we are happy to update our beloved Stella Plugin for WordPress. It allows you to seamlessly manage your multilingual content via tabs in the standard “Edit Post” page.

  1. Step one: select languages you want to use in your blog.
  2. Step two: fill your tabs with related content.
  3. Step three: click “Publish”.

Piece of cake! And it’s just the tip of the iceberg =)

See what’s new in Stella 1.2.37 after the break. Permalink

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