5 Google Plus and Google +1 WordPress Plugins Worth Trying

We’re all thrilled by the release of the Google +1 button and most of all by the launch of Google+, so today we’re doing a round-up post of Google+ and Google +1 plugins, widgets and add-ons available in the WordPress.org plugins repository. This means that you can try out any of these plugins by browsing to the “Add New” section in the Plugins menu, typing in their name and installing them right within your WordPress panel.

You should probably test them out on a local or testing installation of WordPress and get rid of the ones you don’t like, since some of them might leave a footprint in your database even upon deactivation of the plugin.


One of the newest plugins in the WordPress.org repository and very easy to use. Upon activating the plugin, you’ll have a new widget available in your Appearance – Widgets section. You can drop that widget into a sidebar of yours, specify a title and your Google Plus profile ID. You’ll end up with a neat card displaying your name, avatar and the amount of circles you’ve been listed in.

googleCards WordPress Plugin

Download googleCards from the plugins directory or install automatically via your admin panel by searching for “googleCards”.

Google +1 Button

Easily add Google’s +1 button to your posts and pages, single or lists. Has a choice of multiple languages, placement locations and button sizes, as well as whether to display the +1 count or not.

Google +1 Button

The plugin comes equipped with a function that you can use inside your theme for manual placement and even a shortcode that you can use inside your posts and pages. Download Google +1 Button from the plugins directory or install automatically by searching for “google plusone” in your Dashboard.

WP PlusOne This

Similar to the plugin above but requires no configuration at all. Simply install and activate the plugin and you’ll get Google’s +1 button on every post and page on your blog. You can specify further positioning of the button via CSS.

WP PlusOne This for WordPress

Download WP PlusOne This from the WordPress.org plugins directory.

Plus One

This plugin not only adds the +1 button to your posts and pages, but also gives you a page full of settings including advanced ones, like JS callbacks and the HTML code for the button placement. Very neat for advanced users and those who’re really picky about where, how and why the button should be placed.

PlusOne Plugin for WordPress

Download Plus One from the plugins directory or simply search for “plus one” in your admin panel.

Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget

Oldie, but guess what, the new version ships with the ability to link to your Google Pus profile. As the name suggests, comes with a neat widget that allows you to link to some of your social profiles without any hassle. The new Google Plus button looks pretty cool, and trendy too!

Subscribe Connect Follow Widget

Download this plugin from the WordPress directory or search for “subscribe connect follow” in your plugin sections admin screen and follow the instructions.

Wrapping Up

Too bad that the very popular social plugins like Sociable didn’t get their Google Plus updates, but do keep an eye on them since Google Plus has really proved itself after hitting 10,000,000 earlier this week. Is Facebook in danger? We don’t know, but we can certainly give you an invitation to Google Plus ;) Just stick in your name and e-mail in the comments section below, ask for an invitation and we’ll send you one within a few hours.

Happy plus’ing and plus-one’ing and don’t forget to follow our RSS feed! Let us know if you’re aware of any other plugins worth mentioning in this post.