We’ve been working with WordPress and websites for quite a few years now and when it comes to creating a new clean WordPress installation, we’ve got most of the stuff memorized and trained out. Yes, things change, and we adapt to the new traditions, but the core concepts don’t.

The following video illustrates a quick and easy WordPress installation on an nginx-powered VPS. The server is running the php-fpm module for the best performance, so it’s configured accordingly. Your setup might slightly differ, but the principles are the same — download and unpack the latest stable WordPress archive, setup the HTTP server and point it to your installation, create a MySQL entry, setup WordPress using wp-config.php and install.

It took me a little less than three minutes to get this one up and running and honestly, I can’t remember the last time I used an FTP server and/or phpMyAdmin to get things done. Themes and plugins are usually installed the very same way, using the wget command and the tar to unpack. Sweet, huh?

So what about you? How long does your average WordPress installation take? How do you handle the themes and plugins setup afterwards?