Google+ Icons Giveaway

Google+ has been around for quite a while and picking up quite nicely. Mashable’s got a cool roundup of over 15 sites and services for Google+ power users and we published our list of 5 Google+ and Google +1 WordPress plugins worth checking out a couple of weeks ago. It seems like people are really liking Google+ and the fact that it’s just like Facebook but not Facebook.

Anyhow, we at have been working on a free icon set for our readers and today we’re glad to give it away. Twelve gorgeous Google+ icons for your website, blog or portfolio. Various shapes and sizes ranging from 32×32 pixels, up to over 500×500!

Google+ Icon Set Preview

Feel free to use the icon set wherever you like, including commercial projects without any attribution (although attribution is always appreciated). We’ve licensed the set as GPLv2, meaning you can use, reuse, distribute and build upon, as long as your maintain the license file.

Download the Iconset License

We’d love to hear your feedback! Tell us what you think of the icons and what set would you love us to give away next here at Use the comment form below to leave your response and stay with us on Facebook! Have a great week!