We’ll continue this week with our series of interviews captured at WordCamp San Francisco 2011 and today we’ve got John Ford from the VaultPress team. Thanks again to Adria Richards for helping us out there! Oh and hope you didn’t miss our previous interview with Mark Jaquith.

In this interview John Ford talks about how and when he joined Automattic and the VaultPress team, the whole process of applying, the trial period and the three weeks of support on WordPress.com. John then goes into a little bit more detail on his trial project which was a theme from the WordPress.org repository which he had to polish before making it available on .com.

  1. John, why don’t you tell us who you are and what you do at Automattic?
  2. When did you join Automattic?
  3. What did you do before that?
  4. How do you get working with Automattic, how do you apply and is there a trial period?
  5. What was the trial project that you worked on?
  6. What is some advice you would give to WordPress developers?
  7. How can you find these core and theme developers online?
  8. Where can people find you online?

Great! Thank you John for such a great interview and all those tips about Automattic. As mentioned before we’ve got more interviews lined up, so dear readers, tell us who you want to see next! Use the comments section below to leave your thoughts and stay up to date by following us on Twitter.