This is our last interview from WordCamp San Francisco 2011 and yes, it’s Matt Mullenweg himself. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to talk to Matt so this one’s quite short, but definitely exciting. A very big shout out goes to Adria Richards for making this possible.

We basically asked Matt whether there’s something in the roadmap for or Automattic on the premium themes and plugins side, like opening up a theme store. Matt mentioned that they’re keeping a very close eye on the market, encouraging best practices by listing companies on who have GPL-licensed their themes, but nothing on the roadmap for since they really want to focus on the free stuff.

That’s about it, short but exciting, isn’t it? This brings us to an end of our interviews spree, so if you missed any of them, here’s a short list:

Thank you everyone for their interviews and thank you dear readers for being as excited about this as we are. Hope to see everybody next year at WordCamp San Francisco. Thank you so much for watching, sharing and staying tuned!