San Kloud for WordPress

If you heard about San Fran, a WordPress theme we released around a month ago, you’ll be happy to know that based on it (but not really a child theme) we have created San Kloud — a free WordPress theme made especially for blogging.

In this post we’ll talk a little bit about the features of San Kloud and the process of designing, developing and releasing the theme to the public. Oh and Kloud in San Kloud is not a typo ;)

As already mentioned San Kloud is based on one of our previously released free themes called San Fran. The features and functionality are quite similar, we actually used the same functions.php codebase and adapted it to the new markup and stylesheets.

San Kloud is a two-column, fixed-width blogging theme with several different color schemes and typography settings to choose from. It’s got navigation menus support, WordPress widgets and post formats. There’s a field for custom CSS rules in the Theme Options for minor tweaks and San Kloud can also be used as a parent theme for heavy customization.


We haven’t spent much time planning the theme since one of our designers simply said that he can create a new skin for San Fran. We thought we could create a color scheme or child theme out of it for San Fran until we saw the Photoshop files that clearly required different markup.

We struggled with typography as usual, seems like designers really like to use up to 5 different Google Fonts which of course does look nice, but has a huge impact on the page weight. We were able to restrict him to using two fonts per color scheme, so we bundled in the fonts options together with the color scheme stylesheets, just like in San Fran.

San Kloud Color Schemes

After working on the design layouts for San Fran, San Kloud was a breeze, since we knew exactly how many and which layouts were needed based on the WordPress Theme Unit Test. San Kloud was designed by Umit Kayabas, a proud member of the design team in Istanbul.

Theme Development

It was quite tricky to create the markup for the theme, especially with all the post formats in mind and the different color schemes. There are quite a lot of “rounded things” throughout the whole theme but the most difficult part was of course the header, which had to be flexible to fit the website’s name.

After the markup was complete it was quite easy to implement it in WordPress code, especially since all the snippets were available in San Fran so we copy/pasted some of them with slight modifications. The Theme Options panel derived from San Fran as well.

San Kloud for WordPress Theme Options

Browser testing, version testing, plugin collisions and the theme’s code were done by Alexander Permyakov in Moscow and of course fixed, adapted and updated during the review process.

Theme Review

We haven’t been waiting too long in the queue for the review, around three weeks after our first submission. With a few updates later we managed to get the first version rolling which did have a few issues that we later fixed and rolled out again.

Previously approved themes are much quicker in the review process at since they’ve got the highest priority so our update was out there in only a few hours, big shout out to the WordPress Theme Reviewers!

What’s Next?

Just like with San Fran, we’ve got future plans for San Kloud as well where we’ll introduce new color schemes and typography options, perhaps a few tweaks and updates to post formats to make them even more exciting and of course more actions and filters which you can take advantage of when building a child theme.

San Kloud Demo & Download

Hope you enjoy our new freebie and know that we appreciate any sort of feedback. Use the comments section below to write your thoughts and suggestions on future updates to San Kloud. Thanks for subscribing to our RSS feed too!