Hey there everyone, you know how we love free stuff, so today we have prepared something special. The post title has given it away already but the real surprise is inside. Three different wallpapers to rock your desktop, available for various screen resolutions, from 800×600 up to 1920×1080. Hopefully none of you have larger screens, cause we dont ;)

This is our very first set, so don’t bee too harsh on us. We really love them ourselves and test driving each one of them. My personal favorite seems to be the one labeled #2, makes me want to align my desktop icons to those waves and also looks beautiful when blurred with the OS X Lion Launcher. Enjoy!

A little bit of green and a little bit of orange, labelled #1 in the archive, we’ll give you a download link to all of these in a second: Wallpaper

This is the #2 I mentioned above, beautiful isn’t it? Plain and simple, I think this really matches the title of this post, it really is rocking my desktop :) Wallpaper #2

Here’s the third one, not to be confused with the first one we have shown, they do look a little similar but they’re different. Wallpaper #3

And as promised, a download link, all in one archive for the various screen sizes. Sorry we didn’t split them up and figured you might want to send them over to a friend who’s got a different screen resolution, so bam! Twenty five megs, that’s not too much ;)

Download These Goodies!

And of course, we’re always open to feedback of any kind. What do you think of these babies? What do you think of the rest of our freebies and of course, what freebie would you like to see next? Thanks for commenting and staying tuned!