Weekly Roundup

We’re kicking off our Weekly Roundups. Every Friday we’ll (hopefully) cover some of the best things that happen to WordPress and the WordPress community during that week and throw in a couple of occasional opinions too.

First up, Lifehacker’s Make WordPress More Secure article that came out last Sunday and echoed throughout the week cast an overview on two simple things that help secure a WordPress installation from the “basic thug”: the usual complex passwords postulate and an interesting strategy of moving wp-config.php out of sight. You do, of course, need to be on the lookout for weakened links in your secure WordPress chain like old plugins (remember TimThumb.php?) and an outdated core.

The guys over at Line25 posted the beginnings of a great multi-part tutorial on How To Create a Blog Theme Concept in Photoshop. This first part focuses on designing the necessary WordPress theme elements in Photoshop and putting together a pretty neat and tidy homepage for a theme they call “Ticket Stub”. Their next part of the tutorial will get you to chop up your fresh design and hang it over some HTML and CSS markup. Stay tuned (we definitely will). Weekly Roundup’s Matt Mullenweg followed up on his fantastic State of the Word 2011 WordCamp SF address, posting a 9 megabyte CSV containing the anonymized user and developer survey data covering 18,000 responses for anyone to dive into. This all and more at the State of the Word article.

State of the Word

A great post dating to the end of last week, that we simply couldn’t ignore, is 10 WordPress plugins to enhance your blog’s typography, providing an overview, as the title suggests, of 10 typography plugins for WordPress that you should definitely check out. CodeColorer and WP Super Edit are among their favorites.

Have you ever tried using Batcache for WordPress? From the looks of Toby’s Fun With Batcache and he surely enjoyed it. If you don’t know what Batcache is all about, we suggest you visit the Batcache Plugin Directory Page and find out. Anyway, Toby gives some great insight into how he solved some intricate problems pertaining to A/B testing, caching and WordPress with all the fun included.

Managing Multiple Authors: Managing Writers in a Multiple Author Blog is another part in a lengthy article series that is very worth mentioning. A really in-depth explanation and dwelling upon some excellent points that authors should develop around and keep in mind when working alongside other authors on one blog. Lorelle mentions Editorial Calendars for WordPress, P2, Dropbox and lots of other tools for better workflow and efficiency. Weekly Roundup

And last, but not least Some new good things to expect in next release of WordPress 3.3 by Salar Golestanian, looking into the new features of WordPress 3.3 which is, hopefully, going to make us happy sometime in November 2011.

Thank you for joining us in this journey through some of the latest thoughts, ideas and happenings in the WordPress community around the world.

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