WordCamp San Francisco Day 3

If you missed it, here are the overviews of day 1 and day 2, so today we’ll continue our coverage of the third and final day. Just a reminder that we’re not really on the spot, but watching the live video stream, although we do have many of our friends sending us pics and stuff from San Francisco.

So the third day will be covered just like the previous two, in this very post I’ll write updates on what’s happening over at the event, the most exciting tweets and photos as they arrive. Refresh the page from time to time to grab the new content or follow us on Twitter for the updates announcements. Enjoy the show and thanks for being with us!

8:00 — Waiting

Doors opened at 8am but the sessions start at 9. The live stream is offline but the Twitter feed is quite active already, everybody’s looking forward to Matt’s “State Of The Word” session today at 11 and the party last night was awesome, as usual :)

Looking forward to “State Of The Word” by @. If you missed all the conference, at least watch this session today at 11am. #wcsf

Well hot damn. My negotiation preso from yesterday is on the homepage of http://t.co/3wJLTuK #wcsf #lolcats

Alright, the live stream has been turned on and today’s for content creators. Two tracks with information and inspiration vs how-to, tips and tricks and a few lightning sessions after lunch. First session is at 9:05 by Jeff Veen called “How the Web Works”, staying tuned :)

The music waiting for #wcsf live feed is mellow. Perfect to sip coffee to and make philosophy.

9:05 — How the Web Works by Jeff Veen

Jess started his talk with beer and business opportunities when something’s available to a limited group of people. The slides were very dark but thank god live stream viewers were able to see them perfectly, so let’s wait for the recordings on WordPress.tv and Jeff’s slides on Slideshare.

the awesome Jeff Even on stage now in #wcsf – first talk of the morning and the guy is talking about beer… interesting… :P

Apparently the projector has issues with bright screens. Glad my slides for later are on black. #lucky #wcsf

I’m finding @‘s talk interesting. I think the title is misleading. #WCSF

Jeff at WordCamp SF

“There are people who literally don’t give a shit about the web.” w/ screenshot of Yahoo closing GeoCities. -@ #wcsf

10:10 — Sheri Bigelow on Top 10 Features You Aren’t Using

Two separate sessions about top 10 features of WordPress you probably didn’t know about and killer food blogs. The features talk was aimed at WordPress beginners, started from the distraction-free writing mode, keyboard shortcuts and more. A great list indeed, especially the part about easter eggs around WordPress :)

Showing the “kitchen sink” to a client is hilarious, the look on their face is priceless. #wcsf

A great roundup of easter eggs in WordPress, thanks! @ #wcsf

Sheri also showed the drag and drop media feature that’s being worked on in WordPress 3.3. It’s still draft but it works so if you’ve got the trunk version, try dragging your files on to the “Select Files” button when uploading. Pretty damn hidden but neat!

10:52 — Top 5 Ways to Break Your Blog — and Fix It

A great session by Hanni Ross, for WordPress beginners. It’s very cool thing that Hanni was using her phone to switch between slides on her test website called Oppsie.Dasies. A great deal of tips on what to do when strange thing start happening with your WordPress website, like when the Site URL is broken.

Why did this break? “Let’s look at what we changed recently, it’s probably related.” -@ #GoodAdvice #WCSF

“When something breaks, it always helps to check the last thing you have changed. “~ @ at #wcsf

Hanni at WordCamp San Francisco

YES! Listen to @ – YOU can help make WP better. Blog about how you fix things, update codex, use forums and IRC. #wcsf

And there’s the message from Matt!

In about 45 minutes I’ll be doing the State of the Word presentation, tune in here: http://t.co/4hpDvhm #wcsf (RT if you can)

State of the Word at WCSF

11:30 — State Of The Word by Matt Mullenweg

A few announcements by Jane the voting for lightning sessions and the room is packed. Everybody wants to see Matt live, not in the simulcasted stream downstairs. And Matt is finally on stage, so here we go!

A few history of WordPress, a slideshow through the admin interface evolution. The results of the WordPress survey, pretty neat! Here are a few tweets and quotes:

Announced: WP plugin search results will stop showing plugins that haven’t been updated in > 2 years #wcsf

Top reasons 18,000 people said they like WordPress “Ease of use & community”. Via @ #wcsf

“You will not believe how many iterations we made on this, down to the millisecond level of fading in and out.” Oh, I do. #wcsf

Matt at WordCamp San Francisco

Interesting. 65% say they do unrecognizable customization to WordPress, but only 4% say they customize the admin. #wcsf

Of every 100 domains created in the U.S., 22 of them are running WordPress. #wow #wcsf #mattnote

A great presentation by Matt Mullenweg, very inspiring with all the numbers! If you missed this part be sure to check back over at WordPress.tv for the recordings in a copule of weeks. A very cool and long Q&A with Matt on a bunch of stuff including multi-site WordPress, WordPress as a CMS, plugins, upgrades, media library and a lot more.

Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word slides are all based on jazz album covers – really cool #wscf

“One of my [long-term] dreams is for WordPress to auto-update itself. Just like Chrome.” #wcsf

“Nothing in WordPress is ever final” -@ #wcsf

“Who learned PHP from WordPress. Raise your hand. I’m raising my hand. Sorry about that, BTW.” @ #WCSF

Great session, totally the best, right? We’re excited what’s up next after lunch — we’ve got lightning sessions, e-commerce, Google+, SEO, themes, working with videos and organizing meetups and WordCamps. Stay tuned!

I think I just ate a pound of BBQ. #wcsf

14:30 — Lightning Sessions

Five cool lightning sessions. First session was Alex, Mitcho and Nacin showed off what they developed during the weekend, pretty neat! Andrew showed some neat stuff they’re introducing to the admin panel of WordPress 3.3 and a great addon that Andrew wrote for P2 to promote and denote questions.

WordPress Debug Bar is a must use plugin for WordPress developers #wcsf

Great talk @ I really liked how P2 promote/demote works, cool stuff. #wcsf

Here’s three plugins for P2 I’ve recently written, including the one I demoed today: http://t.co/zquNNsU #wcsf

Next was Brian on starting a new company based on WordPress. Brian told about a project he had, that started off on Ruby on Rails and then switched to WordPress at some point. A great insight about how to pick themes, a little tips about theme options and theme companies, support and more.

Going from Ruby On Rails to WordPress. There’s a story you don’t hear everyday! #wcsf

Basic colors and positioning are easiest to change, so should be last things you worry about in design. Focus on dashboard options.#wcsf

Good tips for starters, so next up was William (who seems @nacinbot) on creating a newspaper on WordPress. He showed how they publish documents in WordPress directly from Google Docs and then to Adobe InDesign to get ready for print, great idea!

To recap my #wcsf lightening talk, you can see what we’re up to at http://t.co/oI4yyi3. Everything is in the process of being open-sourced.

A few more lightning presentations, so lightning fast that we can’t really catch up with everything :) So here are a few interesting tweets during the last few.

so glad I’m downstaris. can stay in my seat #wcsf no crazy hippie yoga stuff for me

WordPress 3.2 code named Gershwin, after George Gershwin… the current speaker great grandfather. #wcsf

Yes, Gershwin even sang a son on stage, that was brilliant!

That was surprising and beautiful, we need more music at WordCamps. #wcsf

15:20 — WordPress and E-Commerce

After a short break, next up in the room downstairs is Jonathan Davis talking about WordPress and E-Commerce. Great tips on payment gateways, fees and merchant account providers!

“POS and that does not stand for Piece of Shit” ~ @ on E-Commerce in WordPress at #wcsf

If you’re processing credit card information, you MUST run SSL. #wcsf

“Make sure you salt your keys (wp-config.php)” ~ @ at #wcsf

And seems like our first few video interviews are in! Great! More about these later, but here’s a teaser ;)

Done interviewing @ @ & @. Looking for @ @ for @ video #wcsf

15:50 — Appearance is Everything: Customizing Your Theme

Jane speaks about stickers, T-shirts, the event and then about themes. The old default theme (kubrik-based) was mentioned and then off to Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven. Jane showcased a few features like header images, background images and kittens :)

“Don’t make a theme with the name Twentyfifteen, because we need it sometime…” -@ #wcsf

Here’s the WCSF Shirt xkcd strip on @ blog: http://t.co/o20yib3 #wcsf

A cool overview of the WordPress themes search interface and on how to find themes with the features that you want by using the features filter. Then Jane talks about editing CSS in themes.

“Who knows how to edit a theme?” Lots of hands go up. “Why are you even here? You know this!” @ #wcsf

Jane on Child Themes

A great introduction to child themes, what they are and how they work and why editing the style.css file directly will break on your next backup, but we all know that already, right? :) The next and last session starts at 16:30 and is about creating Meetups and WordCamps.

Oh and it seems that Otto’s been on our camera too, cool!

@ thanks for the video interview at #wcsf! @ will tweet at you when it’s up in a week or so!

16:30 — Organizing WordPress Meetups & WordCamps

Very cool session by Aaron Hockley on organizing WordPress events. He mentions that WordCamp San Francisco is different than all others, so you shouldn’t model your event after this one.

Aaron Hockley at WordCamp San Francisco

“Don’t model your local WordCamp after #wcsf” –@

When looking for a space, seek companies with space where WordPress compliments their business says @ #wcsf

“You can live stream using Ustream, a simple microphone and a laptop with a webcam.” ~ @ at #wcsf

Don’t be afraid to hold a special WordPress meetup if a significant update or person is in town says @ #wcsf

A few great Q&A mentioning how to grow a small meetup group and how to use Meetup.com to organize your events. Aaron also gives a great deal of tips on how to find and deal with sponsorships on your events. Jane mentioned on Twitter that they’re soon launching a new website called meet.wordpress.org — looking forward to that!

17:20 — Closing Remarks

Anyhow, this brings WordCamp San Francisco 2011 to an end with a few closing remarks from Matt. Thank you so much for reading and if you haven’t already, check out our previous overviews of day 2 and day 1 of the event.

Note that we did miss a few sessions from the ones mentioned earlier since they were going simultaneously in two different rooms as separate tracks, and we couldn’t watch both. So we picked the most exciting ones that we wanted to watch, thus covering them here. All the sessions from both tracks will be available on WordPress.tv in a couple of weeks so don’t worry if you missed anything.