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I don’t know about you but sometimes its like information overload these days. Searching and sifting through the internet is exhausting enough before you even get a chance to read what you find. So yes we’re all ‘google-afied’ when it comes to searching about everything related to WordPress – but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone just do it all for you.

Well finding a good newsletter is like finding a diamond in the dust and god knows how many I’ve subscribed to and then unsubscribed to only a matter of days later. Well there’s one must have newsletter that I am truly appreciative of and its kept me up to speed with whats going on in the world of WordPress. wpMail.me is just one of those diamonds – and thats no exaggeration! Its a very simple yet effective newsletter service curated by Cristian Antohe.

wpMail.me find all the most relevant, latest and interesting articles out there about WordPress and mail them every Thursday in an easy to digest, categorized way. Each newsletter is compiled and split into sections – news & articles, theme news, theme releases, plugin news, and tutorials – what else would you need to know about the latest WordPress goings on?

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Whats more if you really want to be sure what you’re signing up for – you can preview the newsletters and view them in the archive on wpMail.me.

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On a final note – maybe some and not all of you use or know about the many wonders of Mailchimp and the opportunities it offers with its easy to use system for email marketing. What I like is the fact that sometimes its the simplest of solutions that work to make our lives easy, that are usually the most effective. The clever combination of an online information subscription service and Mailchimp is actually a great alternative to running a blog.

So wpMail.me is just that – a simple subscription page and thats pretty much all it is. Sign up and thats it and you never have to visit the website again. After that its Mailchimp  thats doing the rest of the work – or should I say its the nifty curation and compilation skills of Cristian where all the real work is done.

Do you read wpMail.me – what do you think – would you recommend it? Are there any other newsletters about WordPress you use and think we should check out? Share your comments in the section below, and hey, did you know that you can subscribe to Theme.fm by e-mail too? :)