WordCamp Sessions from San Francisco

A few weeks have now passed since WordCamp San Francisco 2011 and the videos from the sessions are rolling out over at WordPress.tv almost every day. Of course all the sessions are worth watching, but id you’re limited on time, we have picked another set of videos and embedded them all in this post.

Mark Jaquith: Scaling Servers and Deploys — Oh My!

Definitely one of the most exciting videos from WordCamp San Francisco and we actually had a post about using Capistrano to deploy WordPress a couple of weeks ago. In this session Mark talks about cowboy coding, version control and the right way to deploy WordPress. He also gives some great tips on caching and performance and quite a cool Q&A with Mark at the end of the session.

Core Team Q&A

This is the session where Daryl Koopersmith, Andrew Nacin, Jon Cave, Jane Wells, Mark Jaquith and Andrew Ozz sit down and answer questions about the WordPress core. During this session, Matt Mullenweg asked the team about what would they be working on if they couldn’t work on WordPress :) And there were some great responses to that too! Definitely worth watching!

Ian Stewart: Awesome Up Your Boring Theme: WordPress Post Formats

Oh those post formats. Yeah it’s been quite some time since they’ve arrived, but it seems like not everybody understands how powerful they are. Ian Stewart, who’s one of the guys working on Twenty Eleven gives a good explanation about post formats, about the get_post_format function and how to structure your theme files for better post formats support.

Jane Wells: Appearance is Everything: Customizing Your Theme

Jane Wells (UX lead of WordPress) talks about WordPress themes including the very old default theme (the one based on Kubrik) and the new Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven. A beginners overview of the features built into the new themes including headers, backgrounds, etc.

Editing CSS and child themes got quite a good explanation as well. Great talk if you’re a beginner WordPress developer and if you’re new to child themes you’ll love this post.

Estelle Weyl: CSS3 Features: Making Snow in the Summer without JavaScript

Not really related to WordPress but rather a web development topic in general — CSS3. In this video Estelle gives an overview of CSS3 and shows some of the exciting features that are already supported by most browsers. If you’re new to CSS3, this video will give you a great demo and a good piece of knowledge that you can later use.

That’s about it. If you have enjoyed these videos you might want to browse the whole set from the event. Some are still being processed but should be rolled out in the next few days and make sure you watch the one called “Making Money And Having Fun Selling WordPress Themes” when it’s out there.

Thank you for watching and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Perhaps there are some exciting sessions from other WordCamps that we have missed? Let us know and thank you for subscribing to our RSS feed!