WordCamp Boston Videos

WordCamp Boston was back in July and unfortunately we were unable to attend or cover the event. Fortunately though, the videos from most of the sessions are available at WordPress.tv and in this post we’ll embed the most exciting ones from over 40 videos.

K. Adam White: Stepping into Custom Post Types

K. Adam gives a nice introduction to custom post types in WordPress along with some great usage examples. He briefly walks through post types registration and usage in the admin panel and mentions a sweet plugin that can help you do that if you’re a beginner.

Adam also explains how custom post types can benefit from custom fields and meta boxes as well as taxonomies, and how custom post types could be used on other pages by using WP_Query. If you’re new to custom post types or haven’t yet used them in any of your projects, this talk is definitely worth watching.

Frederik Townes: Advanced Theme Performance Techniques

Frederick Townes, CTO at Mashable.com talks about performance techniques in WordPress themes and plugins. Frederick talks a little bit about W3 Total Cache and some general caching techniques in WordPress, as well as child themes, XDebug, “cleaning up the head” and more. Some great questions from the audience at the end of the session too. Definitely worth watching if you’re into performance.

Chris Penn: How to Market Your Blog (okay, Mom’s reading, now what?)

A very lovely talk by Chris Penn on marketing. Very entertaining, even if you’re not into marketing at all. Chris talks about various techniques on getting more readers and followers, as well as some technical solutions on marketing your blog. Worth watching if your reader count is not what you were expecting it to be when you launched!

Jake Goldman: Getting Started with WordPress as a CMS

Interesting talk about content management systems, databases and user interfaces. Jake mentions custom post types and taxonomies and how you could benefit form them. Not a very technical talk but definitely great theory. Watch this video if you or your clients are not yet convinced that WordPress is more than just a blogging platform.

Andrew Nacin & Daryl Koopersmith: Lean. Agile. Mobile. Social. Local. Organic. Pivot. WordPress.

Cool title, eh? This talk by Andrew and Daryl walk you through some of their thoughts on updates and plugins compatibility, automatic updates, user interfaces, post formats, APIs and much more! A short insight at what’s coming up in the next WordPress update and a great deal of tips for plugin developers. Quite a lot of technical talk but not too much code.

Christina Dulude: Simplifying Your Life with WordPress Multisite

If you’re new to WordPress Multisite, this beginners talk is for you. Christina gives an overview of what WordPress Multisite is and how it works, along with a few usage examples. She also walks you through the multisite installation and configuration process as well as an overview of the Network Admin Interface. If you’ve never used Multisite or WordPress MU before, make sure you watch this session.

And that’s about it! You can watch the rest of the videos from WordCamp Boston 2011 and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!