Today’s a very special day for us, we’re announcing our first premium theme called Lorenz — a nice looking and flexible WordPress theme made especially for small business. We’ve been working on Lorenz for over a month in total and did our best to provide a clean design layout, WordPress features you’re already familiar with and a high quality documented code to build your child themes upon.

We’re now running an early launch with a 50% discount until October 10th, at which point we’ll release an exciting update to Lorenz and distribute it to everybody who bought the theme. Interested? Take a look at the Lorenz Theme page we have created or continue reading to learn more.

This post will give you a quick overview of what Lorenz is all about from both the user’s and the developer’s perspective. We will cover the design, features, support and some developers goodies.


Lorenz comes with a nice looking, clean layout that could easily fit any business purposes. We took the 960 grid for you guys to dig our markup and easily find yourself around if you want to extend it, add that third column or widen the site in general. Lorenz ships with three color schemes to choose from and we’ll be releasing a few more color schemes very soon, as well as a tutorial on how to create your own.

Lorenz Color Schemes

The homepage slider can be used to showcase products, services, projects or special offers with a nice tagline and a call-to-action “Go” button. The fonts are picked to please the eye of every visitor but as you will soon learn, that part can easily be customized.


We tried to keep Lorenz as simple as possible for the end user, we built everything we could using the standard APIs built into WordPress so if your client’s familiar with Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven, they won’t have trouble using Lorenz — no dozens of custom post types, no hundreds of shortcodes, no thousands of theme optons and no millions of page templates ;) We don’t lock you in to using Lorenz.

Instead, Lorenz uses the native ways to work with custom backgrounds, post thumbnails, multi-level navigation menus, widgets and post formats. We did bundle an image slider though, which is extremely easy to use and rotates your images attached to your page. All the native WordPress widgets have been provided with CSS rules, meaning you can use them all, and yes, even the calendar! ;) Widgetized areas include the right sidebar, the bottom sidebar and a 3-column top sidebar in the homepage, useful to feature your company services.

We have also made Google Web Fonts available with Lorenz, and although the standard setup will give you a choice of 5 fonts, with a single filter in your child theme or plugin, you can use any of the hundreds of fonts available on Google.

You’ll find the source code of Lorenz very well documented and built by the WordPress coding standards, so you’ll easily find your way around the template files and the functions file. We’ve also built in a bunch of actions and filters which could help you achieve what you want without having to override whole template parts in your child theme.

If you’re interested on any feature in particular read our features overview post which also links to the admin panel walkthrough. Unfortunately we can’t give you a live admin demo at this stage, we haven’t built that platform yet, but we will ;) Here’s a screenshot of the Theme Options panel:

Lorenz Theme Options

Support & License

We currently support Lorenz by e-mail for both end-users and developers. We’re always open for feedback of any kind and would love to hear what extra filters you would like us to bundle in the next version of Lorenz. If you’re a WordPress beginner, we’ve got a Getting Started with Lorenz documentation as well, which by the way covers some advanced topics too!

Lorenz is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 including images, stylesheets and everything else bundled with the theme. This means that you have the freedom to use (personal and commercial), modify, adapt and build upon Lorenz without any restrictions, attributions or fees.

Purchase Lorenz Theme Demo

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy our first premium theme release. Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment form below, we really appreciate your feedback and thank you for staying tuned to our RSS feed!