We wrote about feature pointers in WordPress earlier this week and one of the usage scenarios that came into my mind (except introducing new core features after WordPress upgrades) is tours, which is why we created this yet another experiment.

First we thought of theme options panel tours (for those complex premium themes), then we thought of plugin tours upon plugin activation and finally we thought of a more general WordPress tour.

WordPress has evolved a lot throughout the years and saying that WordPress is incredibly easy to use is not fair. Things like custom post types, custom taxonomies, permalinks structures, child themes, shortcodes, page templates, custom fields and other things could be quite confusing, especially to newcomers.

We thought it would be nice to create an admin tour, so we did! We created a simple plugin that uses the new Admin Pointers feature, currently in the roadmap for WordPress 3.3. The code is dirty, uncommented and poorly written, and the admin pointers API is going to change before the release so we’re not sharing the source code just yet ;) Here’s some feedback that we already got:

@ that looks unreal, wow!

Awesome! RT @: @ Here we go :) http://t.co/lpKKBkye

@ I think #WordPress pointers will be great for giving tips to clients.

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