We published this video a while ago but didn’t really show it off until today. We do all sorts of experiments here at Theme.fm and based on user feedback we might decide to release a plugin some day ;) This video shows how macros could be used when writing WordPress posts.

If you ever used TextMate you’re familiar with these, and there’s a bunch of other software for Windows, Mac and Linux that help you in similar scenarios, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was inside WordPress?

We created a little very rough plugin with some simple JavaScript code that fires when the tab key is pressed. It looks back for the 5 symbols behind the cursor and acts upon them, currently blockquotes, lists and of course “lorem ipsum”. This could easily compete with shortcut keys already available to the visual editor in WordPress, but hey, if there was a shortcut key for every possible HTML tag you’d go crazy, right?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Let us know if something like this could ever become useful and whether this is at all user friendly. I know some people would prefer to click a button in their editor, so I’m judging from the developer’s point of view! Thank you for watching and stay tuned!