Weekly Roundup

Welcome to our second weekly roundup, where we provide an overview of this week’s happenings in the world of WordPress.

We’ll start off, without further ado, with a fascinating WordPress Tavern post, who have apparently been watching BuiltWith Trends lately. The post is titled WordPress Powering Practically Half Of The Top 10,000 Websites, Drupal is the next best running behind with over 50% less coverage than WordPress. According to the WordPress Usage Trends page over at BuiltWith, WordPress is behind an 4.5 million known-of websites.

WordPress Usage

We stumbled upon a really interesting website earlier this week, called Codecademy which aims to provide programming language lessons free of charge (for now, and we hope it remains that way). So far they have got an 8-part JavaScript course but they are rolling out more courses very soon. Of course, there’s slim chance that one of those will be “WordPress Plugin Creation” or “WordPress Theme Creation”, however they are looking for teachers so to all you WordPress heads out there, who have an hour or two to spare to start a WordPress course over at Codecademy together – we urge you to do so. We might be chipping in soon.

Growing Up: 4 Years & 7 Important Lessons Adii Rockstar, co-founder of WooThemes, provides an insight into the past 4 years of his entrepreneurship, summed up into 7 lessons that he has learnt. The post is not so much about WordPress as it is about startups, business, marketing and relationships. Be sure to check it out, and if you have another 25 minutes to spare check out his NetProphet presentation Lessons Learnt from WooThemes.

Movement in the bbPress community as bbPress 2.0 RC 4 has been made available, which brings us one step closer to a stable bbPress 2.0 release. If you don’t know what bbPress is all about check out the bbPress homepage for a quick overview.

WordPress Weekly Roundup

Another, WordPress Tavern post worth highlighting is their The WordPress Learning Curve – How Steep Or Shallow Is It?. Jeffro talks about his personal experience with Joomla, compares it to his experience with different versions of WordPress, goes on to draw a nice little learning curve graph and provides ground for his readers to share some of their experiences, so be sure to check out how different people feel about mastering WordPress. A user by the name of “that girl again” made an interesting analogy in her comment, saying:

It’s like b2 was Paint and WP 3.2 is Photoshop: along with all the cool shiny stuff you’re going to get a much more complicated interface.

That’s it for this week’s roundup. Thank you for joining us and do let us know if we missed something or you want us to look into something for next week’s roundup via the comments section on this page or our Twitter.