Weekly WordPress Roundup

Another week has rushed by, lots has happened in the world of WordPress and we shall go over some of this week’s highlights.

Great news for WordPress theme geeks as The Theme Foundry releases its September 2011 Theme Updates Pack, which includes bug fixes, feature additions, improvements, etc. Themes updated include Linen, Paperpunch, Photography, React, Shelf, Titan, Traction and Vigilance. So if you’re using any of those great themes head over to Theme Foundry to get your updates.

WPEngineer posted a short but great post reviewing a WordPress solution that allows you to change your WordPress theme search URL. Frank’s based his trick on hooking to the template_redirect action and using wp_redirect(). People reading and pondering over the solution provided tips and trick of their own, including an .htaccess based solution and a JavaScript onsubmit solution.

Yoast posted an interesting article regarding The Page Title in WordPress Themes. They emphasize the importance of the title in SEO (with an influence value of 94.4 out of 100) and go on to dissect the Twenty Eleven WordPress theme. Joost, the author of the article, finds the fact that the way the title is displayed in Twenty Eleven is hardcoded (NAME OF SITE | DESCRIPTION OF SITE and NAME OF ARTICLE | NAME OF SITE) simply awful and inconvenient, and ponders over several solutions to the problem. Joost has opened a Core trac enhancement ticket 9 days ago which has gathered some attention. If you feel the need to have your say or have a great solution to the problem head over to the #18548 Add a better option for title tags trac ticket.

Remember the Timthumb Vulnerability not long ago? WordPress Tavern have stumbled upon A Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner plugin that checks to see if your WordPress is vulnerable. Comments to the post include a simple shell script to update all timthumb.php files in one go. The script detects vulnerable files (even if the file is not named timthumb.php) and attempts at fixing them all.

TimThumb Weekly Roundup

And as a continuation of our 5 WordCamp Sessions You Should Have Watched and 5 More WordCamp Sessions You Should Have Watched here are two more videos we think are worth watching:

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