Weekly Roundup

Howdy. Seems like only yesterday did our WordPress Weekly Roundup air, yet a whole week has rushed by delivering lots of interesting content and ideas revolving around WordPress and its communities.

Smashing Magazine published a fantastic article on WordPress Essentials: Interacting With The WordPress Database a couple of days ago. It’s all about the $wpdb global in WordPress and how to make it bend at will, providing CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality that can be used within themes and more importantly plugins. Daniel Pataki’s lengthy article is a definite must-read-and-bookmark.

After 5 release candidates that we’ve been looking at for the past couple of weeks, bbPress has finally made it to the point where they can say “bbPress 2.0 now available!“, so if you’ve been waiting to update to a newer version, now is the time. BuddyPress have also had their say earlier this week, congratulations to them too – BuddyPress 1.5 now available!, codenamed “Lombardi”, and destined to upgrade “without a hitch”.

A highly inspiring and educational article titled WordPress Multisite Essentials Part 1 – Concept, Success & Failure from James Farmer over at, offers insights into the WordPress Multisite exprience with the example of edublogs. Underlining the importance of commitment and dedication to a Multisite, the article goes on to analyze fictional case studies where Multisite wins and where it does not. While the article has not bit of technical information, it’s a real gem when it comes to setting Multisite startups on the right track to, hopefully, success.

A new WordPress tutorial on wptuts+ on how to Create A Google Static Maps Plugin should be added to your favorite collection of WordPress tutorials. Clear, concise, and quite detailed. Suitable for beginners to walk through and highly recommended for advanced WordPress plugin developers to skim through this 30 minute or so tutorial, taking readers from getting to know the basics of Google Static Maps API, setting up a new plugin in WordPress, creating a shortcode, testing and improving a quite useful plugin. Weekly Roundup

Categories, tags, and how-to avoid duplicate content on WordPress by Lance Sonka over at dives into SEO, duplicate content penalties and how to better setup WordPress to avoid search engine penalties. Categories, tags and links are looked at with some great examples, and a Matt Cutt’s video explaining how showing recent posts on your homepage can affect your search engine ranking performance. The comments generated by the article are quite interesting as well, so make sure your check them out.

G+ Plugins for WordPress Worth Considering posted by Patrick Smith gives an overview of 6 Google+ WordPress plugins worth looking into, ranging from simple +1 buttons to Google+ stream feeds.

That’s it for this week. Do let us know if we missed something or you want us to look into next week by throwing a tweet or two in our direction or leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed.

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