ThemeSorter Review

Premium WordPress themes are really everywhere these days – new theme stores are on the rise, there are a vast range of blogs writing, reviewing and showcasing themes and there are developers who are endlessly using and building upon these themes.  With all the news, reviews and tutorials about Premium WordPress themes these days, have you ever found yourself lost when it simply comes to searching for Themes.

Well I stumbled across ThemeSorter  a few months back and was relieved that someone had finally figured out that there was  a need for a one-stop shop to search and find not only themes but theme sellers too. ThemeSorter have really hit it in one and thats probably why they’ve grown so rapidly in a matter of six months to build up an extensive catalogue of more then a 1000 WordPress themes from 70 theme sellers – and its not just a directory its an actual search engine.

ThemeSorter: Browse by Category

The Story

Founded by Steven Gliebe, this clever site really emerged from what is often where the best ideas come from – personal need!

Last year I myself was looking for a very niche theme of high quality to start a vegetable gardening blog. I had browsed through every theme from maybe 10 of the 100 or so theme shops without luck (at that time I had no idea there even were that many shops). I thought to myself, “of course, instead I’ll use a site that lets you search for themes from all the shops”.

I reasoned that since WordPress is so popular, such a site must exist. All I was able to find were blogs that posted new releases and directories with limited categorization or search capabilities. That’s when I decided to abandon the gardening blog and make ThemeSorter.

What is ThemeSorter

The purpose of ThemeSorter is to make it easy for people to find high quality WordPress themes without having to spend time visiting tons of individual websites. ThemeSorter hand-index WordPress themes from reputable sellers, classifying categories, features, styles, colors, layout properties and pricing details so that users can find themes by choosing any combination of this criteria. For example, you could search for black photography themes that have slider and lightbox features.

Themes Filtering in Action

ThemeSorter can be browsed by category like a directory site (see top menu), searched like a search engine (keyword box in header) or, best of all, specific criteria can be chosen to help you “sort” through themes in the same way that major retail and comparison shopping sites work. ThemeSorter also have a short description for each theme with a list of the features together with screenshots of the theme. Whats more if you like a theme you can jump straight to the theme’s live demo and detail pages at the seller’s website for more information.

What to look out for at ThemeSorter

So if you’re already familiar with ThemeSorter its worth mentioning that they’ve recently overhauled their home page and launched a host of new features that’ll make searching even easier. There are also options to customize your RSS or Email subscriptions but all in all its as easy as pie to use!!!

ThemeSorter Custom Updates

ThemeSorter is an up-to-date directory of themes and all new themes are indexed from individual shops and marketplaces as they are released nearly every weekday.

Whats more ThemeSorter also tracks current deals and coupons and you won’t find any expired deals here as they’ll remove them as soon as a campaign has ended.

Theme Sorter Active Deals

You’ll also see that they maintain an active blog with theme previews, news from the sellers, weekly roundups, theme of the month, etc.

So we hope you get a chance to go and checkout ThemeSorter we highly recommend it and would love to know what you think once you’ve used it. Do you think a service like this is useful to the WordPress Commercial sellers and marketplaces? What else would you like to see in a WordPress Theme search engine?

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