iOS Application

Today is a very exciting day for us over at — we just got approval from the iTunes Store for our very own iOS application. It took us a little over two months since our first sneak peek and it’s finally available free of charge in the App Store. In this post we’ll talk a little bit about the application itself and the technology that’s running behind it. for iOS

The application is mainly done for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but would work in a container on an iPad too. It’s one of our very first iOS projects so obviously we tried to keep it as simple as possible, so we didn’t include too much functionality in the app, leaving that up to the future updates based on your feedback of course. iOS Application

The app allows you to read from your phone (having Internet connectivity of course) as well as comment on posts and share them with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or via e-mail.

Technology: WordPress, XML-RPC and iOS for iOS was written in Objective-C and is tied to our main website via a plugin that we wrote which utilizes the XML-RPC API available in WordPress. Since most of the available methods required authentication, we extended the interface to add our own for requesting posts, thumbnail images, comments and links as well as writing comments back to the posts.

It’s still lacking analytics features which we’re planning to integrate in the next update to actually measure not only the amount of people using the application, but also what posts they’re viewing through the app. We’re also working on a better way to display code snippets inside the app as well as videos embedded in the posts with Flash not supported in the iOS WebView. Obviously a better layout for the iPad is on the roadmap as well :)

Download App or in your mobile browser

Give it a go on your iOS device, let us know what features you’d like to see in the next update and we’ll work out a way to deliver some of them during our next sprint. Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you enjoy the app!