Weekly Roundup

This week’s been filled with quite a lot of cool WordPress stuff among everything else and our weekly roundup will help you get a scoop of the latest happenings in the world of WordPress.

Sadly, Steve Jobs passed away this 5th day of October and among the many web memorials and tributes WPTavern’s Jeffro spotted an old Retro MacOS WordPress theme that appears to work with the latest versions of WordPress. A Tribute To Steve Jobs Via Retro MacOS WordPress Theme. Weekly Roundup

Meg Heckman from decided to explore the CMS wars and battles between WordPress and Drupal by asking 5 questions when deciding whether to use Drupal or WordPress. The quite long article stirred up quite a debate, featuring 20 really insightful comments. Also check out the great reaction over at WPTavern’s coverage 5 Questions To Consider Before Using WordPress or Drupal (notice the 1337 permalink! Coincidence?)

A sweet and short recipe by Rainy Day Media offering a solution on How to change WordPress default FROM email address. The solution involves applying a filter to the wp_mail_from and wp_mail hooks and may be considered hackish to some, but it’s quite easy to implement and use.

And it’s Happy Birthday, WPCandy! Bring out the birthday cake: WPCandy is now four years old, best wishes to the team, keeping it real all these years. And while you’re there, enjoying the party, be sure to answer a quick question that Ryan posted up yesterday: How many custom post types do you use?.

Kevin Mooldon on The Ethics Of Forking A WordPress Project. Remember how last week WooThemes released WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a Jigoshop( fork which doesn’t seem to have altered too much of the original code, which may make Jigoshop developers “incredibly unhappy”. Dan Thorton (Digital Marketing Consultant at Jigowatt) commented on Kevin’s thoughts, where he shared some of his own. Weekly Roundup

wptuts+ is willing to help you Get Started With The WordPress Transients API, Part 1. Tom McFarlin explains what the Transients API is, what advantages over the Options API it has, and how to use its basic functionality. We’ll be looking forward to the next part, where Tom promises to guide readers towards creating a useful plugin that employs the power of the WordPress Transients API.

A bit of security talk over at ethicalhack3r on Full Path Disclosure in WordPress. A great read that reminds us of how important it is to follow the Hardening WordPress guide.

And last, but not least, LinuxInsider published an insightful case study by of how eMusic Gave a Clunky Old CMS the WordPress Treatment. The article overviews how WordPress replaced an old CMS on the website, how it was planned, how it should be planned and lots of other interesting points that make it a must-read.

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