Weekly Roundup

Unfortunately we missed our Weekly Roundup #9 last Friday, so this one’s going to be a two-week roundup, bringing you the happenings of the past two weeks in the world of WordPress.

WPShout’s Alex Denning has published a great post on how to Integrate Facebook with WordPress. The article tries to answer simple frequently asked questions on plugins, Like buttons, commenting via Facebook, embedding Facebook content, widgets and automated posting. A great tutorial, with some code and some fancy plugin suggestions that you ought to read if you WordPress site needs a bit of Facebook in it.

10+ .htaccess snippets to optimize your website is a great article by Jean-Baptiste from CatsWhoCode, overviewing a dozen of excellent Apache tricks to make your WordPress site faster and tune it up a little. Some of the concepts described can be applied to any other HTTP servers (nginx, etc.) with some tinkering. Weekly Roundup

WooCommerce has released it’s 30-Day Update, V1.1.3, with a reported 14000 downloads, WooCommerce got 4 parent themes and 6 child themes, 20 extensions, payment gateways and much more in the past 30 days. Way to go, WooThemes.

Should Have Theme Design Demands is a question Thord Daniel attempts to answer. The article puts the WordPress Free Themes ecosystem into different perspectives and offers points on how to maybe improve it, or maybe not.

Brandon Jones has taken the time to write a WordPress Cheat Sheet: Theme Anatomy Model as his 3rd part in his WordPress Cheat Sheets series on wptuts+. It features a nice and clear basic pictorgram on the different files themes may use. If you’re a beginner WordPress theme developer print it out and stick it on your wall for future reference.

And, if you’re a beginner, to further help your endeavor wpbeginner released a helpful tutorial on How to Add Custom Items to Specific WordPress Menus, putting the nav_menu_items filter to great use.

And for the times when you need that extra productivity boost, check out theis excellent collection of 10 WordPress Plugins that will Actually Increase Your Productivity, featuring broken link checkers, syntax highlighting, and much more.

Chip Bennett updated his WordPress Template Hierarchy Diagram, and WordPress Tavern tells us all about it. The Template Hierarchy Diagram is a great way to learn about WordPress Template Tags. And don’t forget to check out Chip’s hard work here. Weekly Roundup

And DevPress teaches us all about Custom User Taxonomies in WordPress, which takes you through a step-by-step process, from registering a user taxonomy to creating the manage terms page and lots more. The tutorial is suitable for both beginners and advanced WordPress developers.

WPEngineer will Force Reload of Scripts and Stylesheets in your Plugin or Theme, which talks about static file caching and how to override it with a very well-known technique that appends a version query to the file.

Marketplaces Exceed 1,000,000 Members and published a shiny infographic on its achievements last week and offers some insight. Envatos’ marketplaces are ActiveDen, AudioJungle, CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, VideoHive, 3DOcean, CodeCanyon, PhotoDune and the Tuts+ Marketplace. Contratulations, envato!

Part 2 of Tom’s Getting Started with the WordPress Transient API has been released on wptuts+, where as promised, he guides us through the process of writing a simple top commenters widget which caches results as Transient entries in the options table. Lots of code, clear explanation, great work.

We have most probably missed quite a bit, it’s impossible to cover everything these days, but thanks for reading, see you next week with more from the WordPress communities, developers and designers. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our feed, and let us know what’s worth looking forward to next week.