WordPress 3.3 Beta

We posted the WordPress 3.3 scope back in July and today we’re here to give you a short update of where 3.3 now stands. It seems like the final release has been moved from November 15th to the 29th, but the good news is that we can expect the first beta tomorrow!

There’s quite a lot of work involved in the 3.3 milestone and it seems like most of the tickets have been closed now. The project schedule has been updated according to the new timelines and the final release is now expected to be at the end of November. Ryan Boren posted a note on the current status with 3.3 and it seems like everything’s going as planned, except for the “responsive admin” feature which has partially been moved to 3.4.

The feature pointers are still lacking some styling work and as Ryan mentioned, they’ll probably be for core only use in 3.3, oh well, we can wait! The good news is that Joost de Valk has started playing around with feature pointers in his plugins too, providing valuable feedback to the core team.

Jane Wells has also posted a very interesting article about usability and WordPress where she explains how the 3.3 pre-beta usability testing has been done and a great deal of information about UI/UX testing in general.

That’s about it for today folks! We’ll hopefully ride the first 3.3 beta tomorrow and provide some feedback over the weekend or next week. Stay tuned to the WordPress Development Blog for the announcement of the beta release and once you do have a couple of free hours, do give it a try and don’t forget to report bugs :) Thanks for reading and following us on Twitter!