Weekly WordPress Roundup

In todays edition of Weekly Roundup we’ll take you through this week’s happenings in the world of WordPress.

Wptuts+’s contributor Ariff Shah shows us how to Create a “Mashable-Inspired” Sidebar Social Widget for WordPress, providing a clear step-by-step instruction together with some neat tips and tricks to make your own social widget for WordPress from scratch.

Christian Vasile posted a good list of 9 WordPress Security Tips To Protect Your Website From Harm. The usual suspects are in the lists – update, stong passwords, SSL, SFTP, etc. Apart from that, Christian provided an additional list of plugins that he considers to enhance WordPress security.

WPCandy’s Justin Rouch reports that Facebook sues theme developer over copyright infringement. Ainun Nazieb is in some quite serious trouble for creating his Smells Like Facebook theme. The discussion to the post offers more insight into the issue. Weekly Roundup

And WPMU DEV is apparently in a bit of legal trouble, too. As Brian Krogsgard reveals to readers how Video User Manuals accuses WPMU DEV of copyright infringement in open letter. Lots of responses and ample discussion around the story involving a lot of talk on GPL and WordPress.

TechCrunch’s got the latest scoop on the Automattic $1.2 million investment in WP Engine, a fully-managed WordPress hosting platform, launching Automattic’s VIP Support for Web Hosts program.

Jeffro posted his thoughts on Crummy Advertising On over at WordPress Tavern, earlier this week after an article on, which is a worthwhile read as well. announced WordPress 3.3-like Drag & Drop Media Uploader & Flyout Dashboard Menus for its bloggers. Weekly Roundup

Paul Will published an anti-WordPress/anti-Microsoft rant on Digital Journal titled Op-Ed: Hey WordPress and Microsoft! Download? What download? where he shares his experience with downloading and installing WordPress. Apparently Paul was trying to compile some sort of standalone one-click install WordPress package that would be independent of the host…

And a great article from Webdesigner Depot called Tumblogging: WordPress vs. Tumblr, where Cameron Chapman puts WordPress with tumblog functionality and theming against Tumblr and Posterous. Camron points out both advantages and disadvantages for each platform in this great article.

And this is it for this week’s edition of Weekly Roundup. If you have any tips on what to look out for next week don’t hesitate to tweet and don’t forget to subscribe.