Weekly Roundup

Another Friday, lots of interesting news and updates from the world of WordPress this week which we’ll go over right about now.

Jake Goldman, Mohammad Jangda, and the folks over at Automattic have released a great free WordPress plugin yesterday called Lazy Load. Lazy Load uses jQuery.sonar to hold off loading images till when they are in the viewport of the browser, which drastically improves page loading times when a WordPress page contains lots of images. You can check out a lazy loading example outside of WordPress here. Installation is simple, upload, activate and enjoy.

WordPress 3.3 Beta 4 is now available for download, which takes us closer to the much anticipated release. The Beta 4 version boasts jQuery 1.7.1 and lots of fixed bugs. Milestone 3.3 is at 99% with 5 active tickets. And an interesting widgets issue has been raised a few days ago in which WordPress developers ask your opinion thereon (poll and discussion is here).

Slobhan McKeown provides some tips on How To Improve Your WordPress Plugin ‘s Readme.txt in a fantastic Smashing Magazine article. No more one-liners, confusing readmes without an English translation, please. The article contains simple examples of how to do it right, goes over the markdown involved, and how a readme is parsed for the plugin directory. A must-read, must-bookmark, must-return-to article that is filled with crucial information for every WordPress developer out there.

Jeffro over at the WordPress Tavern spotted the WordPress Game Show as featured at WordCamp Detroit 2011. What is fun? Weekly Roundup

WPCandy’s Nick Ciske tell us about the Newly Launched PressBooks that turns WordPress content into a book. The launch has been announced on the official website. If you don’t know what PressBooks is all about check out this SlideShare presentation and a live demo of PressBooks.

Lisa Sabin explains WordPress to her mother in her 40-minute WordCamp Philly 2011 presentation.

Google Knols Move to WordPress and encourages participants to do so as on May 1, 2012 Google Knol will be discontinued in favor of Annotum as their FAQ explains.

And last, and most definitely not least: Thanks WordPress: 50 Things To Be Thankful For is a little something Joe from has prepared for WordPress – a list of 50 things that we should thank WordPress for this Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!

See you next Friday with more news from the WordPress communities around the world. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter and subscribe.