Good news everyone! We pay a lot of attention to your feedback and are eager to announce our first update to Rosetta, including some very neat features and bugfixes.

And first of all: Rosetta is now Stella =)

We want to thank our customers for the contribution: we are proud to announce that we got feedback from Singapore, South Africa, Denmark, US, Estonia, Cyprus and other countries from all over the world. One of the first languages that a website has been localized into using our multilingual plugin, is Thai.

There is quite a bunch of fixes – and features that have been suggested by our customers and our team as well!

Localize Post Excerpt.Yes, you can localize an excerpt from the post, this feature was the most demanded one!

“More” tag for localized tags. We’ve added <!–more–> and <!–noteaser–> tags. You can change “continue reading” button text (which opens the whole post after the excerpt)  into something more localized by using stella_more_link_text filter.

API: get languages functions.


returns you the list of languages


allows you to get current language


returns default language.

API: stella_get_lang_list filter.  You can use this filter to get the list of languages. For example:

$lang_list = apply_filters('stella_get_lang_list', array())

API: stella_more_link_text filter.  You can use this filter to change the ‘More’ link label.

API: custom field and thumbnail localization functions.


used for custom single input metabox localization


featured image localization

Also, we’ve fixed WP_DEBUG notices (those non-critical errors won’t bother you in debug mode), Category Save bug (categories and tags save) and Lost Widget bug (widget was invisible if there were no posts on the page).

So, this was the quick overview of new features and fixes that the new update brings to our multilingual plugin. And guys, free version is not yet available, we’ll roll it out in one or two weeks
We plan to follow up this announcement with several tutorials on how to use Stella – and of course, we’re open to hear your ideas and suggestions.
Stay in touch, leave us your feedback and we hope you’ll enjoy using Stella – the new Rosetta 1.2 =)

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