Internet is huge and bright! And we want to share all kinds of things with others. It’s the uniqueness of people, that makes the world such a great place – but we all speak different languages. We know about this a lot, because our team is multilingual as well! So, to stay in touch with people that matter – we are happy to announce Rosetta, our multilingual localization plugin for WordPress. This neat piece of code integrates into WordPress’ standard Edit Post page and allows you to edit multilingual content via tabs, each one for a different language. Localization had never been that easy! And it’s not just about posts, it’s also to manage featured pictures, which can be unique for every language, as well as tags and categories!


This is a screenshot of post editing with Rosetta plugin. Multilingual content is presented via tabs, as well as the featured images. Categories and Tags are in the top left – that’s for similar tab-based multilingual editing of categories and tags. The UI is kept simple and minimalistic to match the standard WordPress interface.


Options page is clean and simple: it defines used languages, and contains two options: “Use hosts” and “Transfer default language content”. The first option turns on the usage of pre-defined host names. Plugin can work with or without using hosts, this option is created to simplify installation on your WordPress website. So, Rosetta works with Multisite, either with subfolder or subdomain structure! ”Transfer default language content” option fills non-default language post content with the default one, so it won’t stay empty until the suitable content arrives.

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