It is possible to make almost anything better. This applies to our themes as well, so we thought of ways to make our themes more flexible. What is the first thing that makes a blog stand out, the first thing that catches the reader’s eye? It’s definitely color. Pre-defined colors make your blog so boring! It looks just like thousands of others! We thought about that and added some new features to our SanScrit theme.

First and foremost, it has a cool color-picker now. This is how you can select background color and background pattern:

Look, how stylish it is! Precise HSV color picker makes color selection easy and section monitor in the left makes you almost forget about refreshing your main page again and again to check how the color fits your design. Background patterns can help you tune the mood of your blog. Color code is also included – just in case.

Also, we added some new fonts to select from, to make themes more interesting:

And last but not least – you can now add your custom logo:

Logo is small but important, and by introducing this feature we hope that your blog will look even more attractive!

Check out our new, improved SanScrit 2.0 – a stylish, clean and cool theme for your blog!

Have a nice theme!

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