Imagine that you are running multiple sites using WordPress multisite feature. When logged as an administrator you have a handy upper admin bar to switch between sites. But what about your visitor? How can he navigate between sites? Should you write a static navigation menu for each site just like Web 1.0? No! WpMuBar plugin provides your visitors with smart upper bar menu that can be used for quick and simple navigation between your sites. Of course it is customizable so you can integrate it into your existing sites design.


WpMuBar plugin places a special bar to the top of your blog. It is possible to hide it by clicking X button to the right but it will be reopened after page refresh. To the left, there is a spot for your logo – an image or simple text.  The main navigation drop-down menu is located in the center. It is used for navigating between your sites in WordPress Multisite environment.

The button to the right of the dropdown can also be customized to open a pre-defined link – on the screenshot, it is pointing to the main page. There are social buttons to the right, connecting the current page to Google+, Twitter and Facebook.


Plugin options are divided into the following sections: Logo, Social, Sites list and Background:

  • Logo section. You can place a picture, text, or just leave it blank )
  • Social section. Simply check social network(s) you need!
  • Sites list section. Define which sites should be included in the drop-down menu and on which sites the button will be shown. You can as well define button color gradient and text color.
  • Background section. Background color gradient can be set up here.

That’s pretty much it, folks. We hope that our WPMU Bar Plugin will come in handy. Our team would certainly appreciate your feedback)
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