Writing apps for iPhone or iPad? Want to promote them? Take a look at our new AppShowcase theme! It gives the iOS experience in the web, highlighting the best that your app could bring to the table.


Development is a process that you give your passion to, as well as your time and energy. That’s a fact, we all know it =) But downloads count is often not as big as you want it to be. Why? Well, most of the cases indicate that an app hasn’t been promoted widely enough and people simply don’t know about your it! It’s crucial for your product to be seen not just in App Store, but out there in the Web, even if there’s no smartphone around.


Support for the most popular tablet and smartphone will sure get you audience… and AppShowcase is ready to display an app for iPad and iPhone, each in both Landscape and Portrait orientations.  Want to show your app in action? Video Embedding feature is just for you! Whether it’s a game packed with action or some handy app showing the nearest pizza place – the screen gets dark and the video of how your app works starts playing. Terrific, isn’t it =)

You might want to change the price (to offer promotional disconts or charge more after a gigantic update) – AppShowcase gives you an editable price tag. You also get an App Store badge to share a link to your app. Simply add links to the social profiles (all the buttons included) – and you got a great social platform for your brand new app!

AppShowcase theme also supports full width pages, cool built-in blog for your updates on the app and other news – as well as interaction with users – and a quick setup, so that you don’t waste too much time for setting up the theme.
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