Happy weekend, everyone! We got new updates for WPMU Bar and Stella! And from now on you can try Stella – it now has it’s own Demo-Stage!

Stella just got it’s own demo stage

The part we like the most is a Demo Stage for Stella – our multilingual content management and localization WordPress plugin. Our readers asked for it, so we are rolling out demo stand v. 1.0. We will improve it basing on your feedback – please, leave your comments! You can see what it looks like and play with it a bit by logging in (user: demo / pass: stella). By the way, the demo stage uses full version of Stella.

View Demo

Free version of Stella plugin for WordPress

It’s here, at last! Free version of Stella plugin for WordPress a great tool for localization if you got a small website and want to use only two languages. This is great for bloggers, because it has all the basic functionality and remains simple and fast, just like the full version. You can see the limitations in the table below.

Stella Free Stella Full
 - Post, pages, custom post types YES YES
 - Site, title. description YES YES
 - Menu YES YES
 - Categories, tags NO YES
 - Custom metaboxes NO YES
 - Featured images NO YES
- Language switching widget YES YES
 - Empty fields notices YES YES
- Multisite NO YES
 - Admin language selector NO YES
 - Transfer default language content switcher YES YES
Other limitations of Stella Free version:
- Only one additional language
- Full version ads
- Links to the full version
Get Stella Free Version Get Stella Full Version

Free Version of WPMU Bar

We also got a free version of WPMU Bar plugin for WordPress. Now readers can easily navigate through your WordPress multisite. It’s an upper bar with the drop down menu of available websites list =) Free version has no social sharing buttons, doesn’t support custom logo and background. The main functionality is still there, as well as the bar opening and closing animation. The free version of WPMU Bar Plugin for WordPress can be found at wordpress.org ;)

Get WPMU Bar Free Version Get WPMU Bar Full Version