Huge announcement for us today, guys! As developers, we at always think of ways to simplify our dev lives and automate routine tasks. Isn’t it nice, when a neat piece of code or a handy service does something for you, leaving you more time to do fun things?

As we once mentioned, creating your mobile app is not the only challenge for an indie developer. In fact, development is fun, if you love it! But after your app is all ready and published, it needs promotion, and a place where you can showcase your app out there on the Net. Here comes Social Media. It helps you spread the word, informing people and creating awareness… Does it help? Definitely. Still, it would be nice to get a showcase platform, that lets you present you app. We know it, we’ve got our own apps, and we want to help you out!

We are proud to present you – a simple service that instantly creates a landing page for your iPhone app! It’s a little website that lets you showcase your app just in a few steps: sign up, fill up the fields, publish. As a result, you get a clean storefront page for your app. No worries about hosting, domain name purchase, setting up your server or any other routine things. Find out about other features:

We love for it’s extreme simplicity. Let’s follow some steps to see what has to offer!

Let’s say you got an app called “” =) The first step would be signing up to create an account – just enter your email address.

Hurry up and check your email: your password just arrived! Log in to your WordPress dashboard – just like at any other WP website: In our case, the link would look like

Then, you need to fill the page with your app info. This would be step two. As you can see – the process is as simple as ever. And, you probably have all the descriptions and slogans, since you submitted your app to the AppStore =)

Edit the price tag, add a link to the AppStore, upload your app screenshots, and edit the description of your product.

That’s it! You get a perfect webpage to showcase your app. Save it and share the link! And it’s completely free!

We are excited to launch – a simple platform that instantly creates a beatiful landing page to promote your iPhone app.

Definitely, we are not stopping here: more features for the app showcase platform are on the  way. In the next updates, we plan to include iPad showcase layout, portrait and landscape, social sharing buttons, domain mapping – in case you already have a domain name registered, – and of course,  more themes for your landing pages to choose from!

Create your pages, enjoy – and don’t hesitate to let us know your suggestions on how we can improve!