A bit of update for our WPMU Bar plugin for WordPress here. As we all know, the admin bar in WordPress is a pretty good tool for navigating through websites that run on Multisite. But what about your visitors? They can’t see the admin bar, and can’t switch between your websites as fast as you can! Here comes WPMU Bar – a WordPress Multisite navigation plugin that allows your visitors to easily switch through your WP websites via upper bar with a drop down menu. It also effortlessly integrates into your existing websites: you can customize backgrounds, upload your logo. Let the users share your sites via social buttons (google+, facebook, twitter). You can also enable a custom button, which will lead to a pre-defined URL, and it’s unique to every website!

Read the full post to see the changes.

So the changes are:

  • Plugin is now WordPress 3.4 ready.
  • Bar dropping down animation changed. Previously the bar used to drop down, but the background attached to body didn’t move – that sometimes caused incorrect text shift relatively to the background. Now background also moves down after the bar appears.
  • The bar doesn’t appear if the website is not listed (previously – it just didn’t appear in the drop down menu, while the bar itself was at the top of the page). You’ve asked for it? You got it!

And one more thing: WPMU Bar now supports automatic updates through your dashboard!

Thank you for your support and feedback, that’s what makes our products better =)

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