Good news, everyone! We’re rolling out the new version of Stella localization plugin for WordPress. We’ve fixed some issues, basing on your feedback, and added new features to the API, so now you can make Stella even more flexible! See what’s new after the break

What’s new:

  • Filters to language names – ‘stella_lang_name’;
  • New API function: ‘stella_translate_string’.

Read our new tutorial “Stella API reference: custom localizations. Part 3” to see how they work ;) By the way, be sure to check two previous articles (part 1, part 2) on Stella API, they’re really great if for plugin customization.


  • Correct localization of website title;
  • WordPress in a subdirectory ( not root directory of web server );
  • Query vars mode ( non-permalinks situation ).

So, thanks again for your feedback! We will keep bringing new features, hope you’re enjoying our plugin. Bye =)

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