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Author at, freelance web applications developer. Passionate about WordPress, PHP, Python, C/C++ and x86 Assembly. Konstantin's brother.

It’s been a while since we shared a link here on, so here’s a good one we recently came across: Optimizing wp_options for Speed by Dave from Pressjitsu, highlights some pretty important insights — things developers and WordPress power-users should care about. Hope you enjoy it! Permalink Permalink


What to expect in WordPress 3.4

With WordPress 3.4 beta approaching in the coming couple of weeks, let’s take a look at what new features to expect and eventually be delighted by at the end of the 3.4 development cycle, which would be around mid-April. Excited? Permalink Permalink


Switching to WordPress using Importer Plugins

The ever popular WordPress, is now powering over 5 million (yes, 5,000,000+) websites and steadily growing, and is becoming more and more attractive to those who use other content management systems, such as Drupal or Joomla and blogging/publishing platforms, such as Blogger and Tumblr. So, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to switch to WordPress. … Permalink


3 WordPress Plugins Your Theme Shouldn’t Live Without

So, you’ve installed a new WordPress theme and set it up in a way that looks quite good, sifted through the mass of extra options and plugins that a premium WordPress theme might offer and come bundled with, yet some functionality is still amiss. The basics are there alright, blog all you want, write, insert … Permalink Weekly Roundup Weekly Roundup #14

Another Friday, lots of interesting news and updates from the world of WordPress this week which we’ll go over right about now. Permalink Permalink Weekly WordPress Roundup Weekly Roundup #13

In todays edition of Weekly Roundup we’ll take you through this week’s happenings in the world of WordPress. Permalink Permalink

WordPress Internals: The Cron

WordPress Internals: The Cron

Last time, we dived into the abyss of WordPress Rewrites, this time we invite you on a journey through time managed by the WordPress Cron. The WordPress Cron API is responsible providing an interface for managing events to the schedule and spawning the main wp-cron.php file when it’s time. It’s latter function is particularly useful … Permalink Weekly Roundup Weekly Roundup #12 (11/11/11)

Yet another Friday, another Weekly Roundup, and while you’re reading this keep your eyes on the clock, you may have not yet missed 11:11:11 11/11/11 in your timezone. Okay, let’s go ahead and browse over some of the latest happenings and interesting must-reads in the world of WordPress. And by the way, theoretically this … Permalink

WordPress Internals: The Rewrite API

WordPress Internals: The Rewrite API

In today’s edition of WordPress Internals we are going to dig into the WordPress Rewrite API. Exploring its inner workings and mechanisms should allow us to understand WordPress better, why it does what it does and how it does it. Have you ever wondered how the heck does WordPress take /2011/10/15/wordpress-rewrites-ftw and renders that exact … Permalink Weekly Roundup Weekly Roundup #11

Welcome to another edition of’s Weekly Roundup, where we take you through this week’s latest happenings around WordPress. Permalink Permalink

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