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Author at, freelance web applications developer. Passionate about WordPress, PHP, Python, C/C++ and x86 Assembly. Konstantin's brother. Weekly WordPress Roundup Weekly Roundup #3

Another week has rushed by, lots has happened in the world of WordPress and we shall go over some of this week’s highlights. Permalink Permalink Weekly Roundup Weekly Roundup #2

Welcome to our second weekly roundup, where we provide an overview of this week’s happenings in the world of WordPress. Permalink Permalink Weekly Roundup Weekly Roundup #1

We’re kicking off our Weekly Roundups. Every Friday we’ll (hopefully) cover some of the best things that happen to WordPress and the WordPress community during that week and throw in a couple of occasional opinions too. Permalink Permalink

Foobar Notification Plugin

Foobar Notifications Bar Plugin + Competition

Notification bars are unobtrusive status bars, usually spanning over the whole width of the website, stuck to the top of the browser window, with (hopefully) a simple way to get rid of. They are quite useful when it comes to, as their name suggests, notifying the visitor of something or displaying some quick (and hopefully … Permalink

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