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I'm a co-founder of 8BIT, contributor at Envato, and developer for a variety of free and premium projects.
Strategies for Successful WordPress Upgrades

Strategies for Successful WordPress Upgrades

As WordPress has become more and more popular, the community around it has begun to thrive. Currently, we’re seeing a boom in theme development, plugin development, and general use of the platform that’s never existed before. For the most part, all of this is really good stuff, right? Of course! But there’s one glaring disadvantage … Permalink

Components for a Successful WordPress Project

3 Components For Successful WordPress Projects

In the past couple of years, WordPress has matured from a blogging application, beyond a content management system, into a platform on which teams, organizations, and individual developers are building solutions. In fact, WordPress has matured to the point where people are building entire businesses around the platform: authors are using it as a publishing … Permalink