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WordPress 3.3 Beta 3 is now available! The release candidate has been moved to mid-November and the launch date has been set to 29th of November. Test your themes and plugins against the third beta and report a bug if you found it. Also note that WordPress 3.3 is shipping with jQuery 1.7. You can … Permalink Weekly Roundup Weekly Roundup #11

Welcome to another edition of’s Weekly Roundup, where we take you through this week’s latest happenings around WordPress. Permalink Permalink

Joost de Valk has published some great questions and answers about SEO and WordPress on his blog. Joost used his Facebook page to gather questions from his fans and followers for 24 hours (around 50 questions were posted) and then answered some of them in a post on his website. We think the idea is … Permalink Weekly Roundup Weekly Roundup #9 and #10

Unfortunately we missed our Weekly Roundup #9 last Friday, so this one’s going to be a two-week roundup, bringing you the happenings of the past two weeks in the world of WordPress. Permalink Permalink iOS Application in Your Pocket with the New iPhone App

Today is a very exciting day for us over at — we just got approval from the iTunes Store for our very own iOS application. It took us a little over two months since our first sneak peek and it’s finally available free of charge in the App Store. In this post we’ll talk … Permalink Weekly Roundup Weekly Roundup #8

Yes, Friday is here, and as always we are ready to bring together a list of most of the week’s happenings in the world of WordPress; stuff that you may have missed and can’t afford not knowing and thinking about, stuff that will hopefully make you a better WordPress developer this week. Permalink Permalink Weekly Roundup Weekly Roundup #7

This week’s been filled with quite a lot of cool WordPress stuff among everything else and our weekly roundup will help you get a scoop of the latest happenings in the world of WordPress. Permalink Permalink

WordPress 3.3 Beta

WordPress 3.3 Beta Expected October 7th

We posted the WordPress 3.3 scope back in July and today we’re here to give you a short update of where 3.3 now stands. It seems like the final release has been moved from November 15th to the 29th, but the good news is that we can expect the first beta tomorrow! Permalink Permalink Weekly Roundup Weekly Roundup #6

This week’s been more energetic than ever in the world of WordPress and without further ado let’s dig in this week’s happenings. Permalink Permalink

WordCamp Boston Videos

6 Sessions from WordCamp Boston Worth Watching

WordCamp Boston was back in July and unfortunately we were unable to attend or cover the event. Fortunately though, the videos from most of the sessions are available at and in this post we’ll embed the most exciting ones from over 40 videos. Permalink Permalink

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