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Meet Stella Multilingual WordPress Plugin: Rosetta v1.2 update

Good news everyone! We pay a lot of attention to your feedback and are eager to announce our first update to Rosetta, including some very neat features and bugfixes. And first of all: Rosetta is now Stella =) We want to thank our customers for the contribution: we are proud to announce that we got feedback … Permalink

Store_Update Store Update

Today, we want to introduce a new little handy feature for our Store – an update button. This is for our customers who had already purchased any of our products. To update, you just need to open our Store Page, select the product you’ve purchased previously and click the “Update” button (it’s under “Theme or … Permalink


WPMU Bar Plugin for WordPress

Imagine that you are running multiple sites using WordPress multisite feature. When logged as an administrator you have a handy upper admin bar to switch between sites. But what about your visitor? How can he navigate between sites? Should you write a static navigation menu for each site just like Web 1.0? No! WpMuBar plugin … Permalink


SanScrit 2.0

It is possible to make almost anything better. This applies to our themes as well, so we thought of ways to make our themes more flexible. What is the first thing that makes a blog stand out, the first thing that catches the reader’s eye? It’s definitely color. Pre-defined colors make your blog so boring! … Permalink


Rosetta Plugin for WordPress – multilingual content management at ease!

Internet is huge and bright! And we want to share all kinds of things with others. It’s the uniqueness of people, that makes the world such a great place – but we all speak different languages. We know about this a lot, because our team is multilingual as well! So, to stay in touch with people that … Permalink


San Kloud is now available on  This is really exciting news for us as San Kloud was previously only available on . If you’re a user you can now find the theme located within the Theme Showcase. Permalink Permalink


What to expect in WordPress 3.4

With WordPress 3.4 beta approaching in the coming couple of weeks, let’s take a look at what new features to expect and eventually be delighted by at the end of the 3.4 development cycle, which would be around mid-April. Excited? Permalink Permalink

ThemeFM_Store_Opens Store Now Open!

Oh its nice to be missed!!! Many of you had been asking why had taken a bit of a hiatus, and yes it had been a bit of a while since we’d featured any new articles and tutorials but we can finally reveal why. Over the past few months the team had been hard … Permalink


Switching to WordPress using Importer Plugins

The ever popular WordPress, is now powering over 5 million (yes, 5,000,000+) websites and steadily growing, and is becoming more and more attractive to those who use other content management systems, such as Drupal or Joomla and blogging/publishing platforms, such as Blogger and Tumblr. So, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to switch to WordPress. … Permalink

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