Interview: Alex Mills — WordPress VIP Services

We’ve got a couple of more interviews left from WordCamp San Francisco which we’re still processing and today we’ve got one with Alex Mills, better known as Viper007Bond. Alex talks about his past, present and future with WordPress and about his contributions to the WordPress community. Permalink Permalink


Tutorial: Deploying WordPress with Capistrano

Deploying WordPress with Capistrano

Capistrano is a command line utility for deploying web applications to one or more servers. It was primarily developed for Ruby on Rails applications, but applicable to all sorts of web applications these days, including of course WordPress. Honestly, I discovered Capistrano a couple of weeks ago during Mark Jaquith’s talk at WordCamp San Francisco 2011 so I decided to give it a go.

I’m not a Capistrano expert (yet) and in this post I’ll try to give you an overview how to set it up and how to deploy WordPress applications (websites) in seconds. We’ll work with only one server today but the principles in deploying to two or more are pretty much the same. I’ll probably write a few follow up posts on this topic as I get better, so stay tuned ;) Permalink


Interview: John Ford — VaultPress Safekeeper

We’ll continue this week with our series of interviews captured at WordCamp San Francisco 2011 and today we’ve got John Ford from the VaultPress team. Thanks again to Adria Richards for helping us out there! Oh and hope you didn’t miss our previous interview with Mark Jaquith. Permalink Permalink


Interview: Mark Jaquith on WordPress

We did promise something cool this morning (or night in the US) via Twitter and here it is — a video interview with Mark Jaquith, WordPress Lead Developer. Taken last weekend at WordCamp San Francisco 2011. The interviewer is Adria Richards and if you listen carefully you’ll hear her in the back, sorry we didn’t … Permalink


Oh My! Freebies! Wallpapers to Rock Your Desktop Wallpapers

Hey there everyone, you know how we love free stuff, so today we have prepared something special. The post title has given it away already but the real surprise is inside. Three different wallpapers to rock your desktop, available for various screen resolutions, from 800×600 up to 1920×1080. Hopefully none of you have larger screens, cause we dont ;) Permalink

5 WordCamp Videos You Should Have Watched

WordCamp Videos

If you’re not a WordCamp fanatic it’s okay, we made a list of some of the latest WordCamp sessions and talks you should have watched and embedded them here in this post. If you’d like to see more, there’s WordCamp TV channel which is is part of which you should probably subscribe to, like we did. Also, we saved the best for the last ;) Permalink

WordPress Tricks: Different Colors in Different Menu Items

Different Colors in Different Menu Items

I came across this idea while working on one of our themes that had to have different body colors for different pages, like a red body on the home page, a yellow one on the contact page, a blue one on the archives page and so on. Of course this would be easy to achieve if we were working on a website where we knew all the existing pages, their IDs or slugs and I’ll talk about this too, but today I’ll show you a different approach.

This post will teach you how to output the current menu item number (in the menu order) in the body element classes in your theme. We will then use the class to give a different background color to each page according to it’s position in the navigation menu. Note that this will work only with wp_nav_menu but can easily be modified to the fallback pages walker if a menu is not set. Permalink

Foobar Notifications Bar Plugin + Competition

Foobar Notification Plugin

Notification bars are unobtrusive status bars, usually spanning over the whole width of the website, stuck to the top of the browser window, with (hopefully) a simple way to get rid of. They are quite useful when it comes to, as their name suggests, notifying the visitor of something or displaying some quick (and hopefully useful) information without getting in the face of the visitor. Permalink

WordCamp San Francisco 2011: Day 3

WordCamp San Francisco Day 3

If you missed it, here are the overviews of day 1 and day 2, so today we’ll continue our coverage of the third and final day. Just a reminder that we’re not really on the spot, but watching the live video stream, although we do have many of our friends sending us pics and stuff from San Francisco.

So the third day will be covered just like the previous two, in this very post I’ll write updates on what’s happening over at the event, the most exciting tweets and photos as they arrive. Refresh the page from time to time to grab the new content or follow us on Twitter for the updates announcements. Enjoy the show and thanks for being with us! Permalink

WordCamp San Francisco 2011: Day 2

WordCamp San Francisco Day 2

We did an overview of day 1 yesterday here on and today we’ll continue our journey today. We’re watching the live stream (as it appears) and posting some of the most exciting moments, tweets, quotes and photos from the sessions. All to this post so we’ll update once in a while and announce our updates on Twitter.

Today’s schedule is split in two rooms — hardcore backend dev stuff vs frontend and themes. We’ll be trying to keep up with both tracks but we can’t promise a full coverage. You can find the second day program right here and in case you’re still wondering, all the videos from all the sessions will be published and available for free at Permalink

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