WordCamp San Francisco 2011: Day 1

WordCamp San Francisco Day 1

So it’s Friday and we’re at the event. Some of us are in the conference hall, some are watching (or at least trying to watch) the live stream, others are simply following the Twitter stream. We’ll keep this post as a pseudo-live blog, we’ll try to gather the most interesting tweets, photos and things said at the conference. We won’t auto refresh the page, but rather write the stuff from top to bottom, and maybe split it in a few pages if it there’s too much. Enjoy the first day! Permalink

Win a 3-day Livestream Ticket to WordCamp San Francisco 2011!

WordCamp San Francisco Competition

You heard it! We’re giving away a 3-day live streaming ticket to watch WordCamp San Francisco 2011 live starting today at 9 AM (San Francisco time, PDT)! We’ve only got one ticket, so who’s gonna be the lucky winner? The rules are quite simple. Permalink

Adding “Feed Only” and “Site Only” Shortcodes in WordPress

Feed Only & Site Only Shortcodes

So you’re running a blog and some of your readers are following it via your RSS feed and their feed aggregators. I have to say that I’m not a fan of excerpts (summaries) in feeds, I’d rather give my feed readers the full content to save them the extra clicking trouble (it’s an option under Settings – Reading in your admin panel).

Today’s post is about having more control over the content that you provide to your feed readers. We’ll create two shortcodes which can be used throughout the post contents to specify which part has to be shown in the feed only and which one is readable from the website. We’ll call them feed-only and site-only. Permalink

50 Speakers, 3 Days and 1000 WordPress Geeks

WordCamp San Francisco: Coming Soon

WordCamp San Francisco 2011! Starting this Friday and going on for three whole days with over 50 speakers and a thousand WordPress geeks. The perfect time to make new friends and learn new things, and the lovely part is that it’s all about WordPress!

Unfortunately all the tickets have been sold out but $30/day and $65/day tickets will be available on the spot until the place is packed, so there still is a chance to get in. For the rest I’d suggest purchasing the livestream pass for $30 or one with a T-shirt for $45. More info on this page. Permalink

Providing Typography Options in Your WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes Typography Options

Most of the premium themes and many free ones come with typography options these days. This means that the end user is allowed to customize their theme by picking a different font in their theme options. Not only does this give more freedom to the end user, but if done correctly, it gives freedom to child theme developers to extend that given list to include any other fonts, which means that you, as the parent theme developer, shouldn’t even bother shipping your theme with over 200 web fonts available from Google.

Today we’re going to look at one of the many different approaches to providing typography options to the end user and child theme developers. We’ll be using Google Web Fonts as our primary web fonts provider and we’ll also look at how WordPress filters and actions can help you provide an interface to child theme developers, so they can easily hook and modify your list. Permalink

Embedding Tweets in WordPress with Twitter Blockquotes

Embedding Tweets in Your WordPress Posts

Embedding content from third party services like YouTube and Vimeo is not new to WordPress, and we’ve been looking for a simple way to embed tweets from Twitter as well. There are a few interesting plugins in this area, one of which is the Blackbird Pie plugin by Themergency. It’s cool and lovely but trying to adapt it to existing theme designs, we failed. This is why we decided to give it a go ourselves — we wrote our very own Twitter embed plugin called Twitter Blockquotes.

Twitter Blockquotes started off as an experiment a few days ago and went public on Github yesterday. After all the good feedback we have received, we decided to get our spot on WordPress.org and release it to the public. We were inspired by the Blackbird Pie plugin and took some ideas from them, only made it very simple to use and extend. Basically it works as simple as embedding a YouTube video in your post, but this time it’s Twitter. Permalink

How To: Create An Authors List Shortcode in WordPress

Authors List Shortcode in WordPress

I’m quite sure you’re familiar with the Shortcode API. If you’re not, it’s a simple set of functions used by theme and plugin developers to create certain macro codes that can be used throughout the post content. [ gallery ] is one example, meaning you’ll see [ gallery ] when editing the post content, but when actually viewing the post, it generates a full-blown picture gallery out of your uploaded files.

Today we’ll create our own shortcode that will generate a list of authors/contributors with their names, avatars, bios and social media links. We’ll first define a few custom fields to hold our social links in user profiles, then create the shortcode itself and make it generate some basic markup. Finally we’ll quickly go through styling the output and as a bonus I’ll show you how to order the output the way you might need to. Permalink

Book Review: Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog

Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog Review

Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog is a book by Thord Daniel Hedengren, published author and writer, freelance designer and a WordPress expert. We’ve got the second edition of the book, which was published in January this year. We have already reviewed a WordPress book by Thord back in June which turned out to be a great one, so we were expecting even more from this new one.

Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog dives into the WordPress internals a little bit. Thord talks about child themes, custom login forms and admin themes, controlling the loop and the content. A few chapters are dedicated to plugins and widgets, from building your own to recommendations. Other chapters talk about actions and filters, post formats and of course custom post types.


wpMail.me: A Newsletter All About WordPress

wpMail.me WordPress Newsletter

I don’t know about you but sometimes its like information overload these days. Searching and sifting through the internet is exhausting enough before you even get a chance to read what you find. So yes we’re all ‘google-afied’ when it comes to searching about everything related to WordPress – but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone just do it all for you.

Well finding a good newsletter is like finding a diamond in the dust and god knows how many I’ve subscribed to and then unsubscribed to only a matter of days later. Well there’s one must have newsletter that I am truly appreciative of and its kept me up to speed with whats going on in the world of WordPress. wpMail.me is just one of those diamonds – and thats no exaggeration! Its a very simple yet effective newsletter service curated by Cristian Antohe. Permalink

Theme Review: React Pro by The Theme Foundry

Theme Review: React Pro by The Theme Foundry

React Pro is a premium WordPress theme created by The Theme Foundry and launched in July 2011, which later that month came to WordPress.com. React is a portfolio theme for web and graphics designers, photographers and artists. It’s design is simple and focused on the content, and most importantly responsive, meaning that React displays beautifully no matter which resolution it is viewed in.

Some of the other exciting features of React are custom logo and layout, subscribe links, custom background and typography. It includes four widgetized areas, threaded comments, post thumbnails and navigation menus. React is ready for translation and released under the GPL v3 license. So, let’s give it a spin, shall we?


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