Images, Image Sizes and Post Thumbnails in WordPress

Images, Image Sizes and Thumbnails in WordPress

A recent exploit revealed that many of the WordPress theme designers and developers, including companies like WooThemes and ThemeShift are using third-party tools like TimThumb to manage their thumbnails, preview and featured images in their themes. It’s not a secret (I really hope so) that WordPress has image management implementations of its own which was introduced back in version 2.9 (December 2009) and improved since then.

In today’s post we’ll take a look at what WordPress has to offer for thumbnail and featured image management. We’ll learn how to get your theme to register new image sizes and use them throughout the template files and we’ll take a brief look at the UI that WordPress gives the end-user to resize, rotate and crop the image, as well manipulate the thumbnail. Permalink

Post Options API: We Need Your Opinion

Post Options API: Need Your Opinion

This is a follow up to the Post Options API article we published earlier this week. Basically we’ve received some good feedback about the concept in general via Twitter, Facebook and the comments on our site, and today we’ve got some further questions for you.

We continue to work on the concept and as tempting as it might get to start using it, we ask you not to, for several reasons. First of course is security. We’ve planned a security review right before the release which we’ll announce. Secondly is that things may change, arguments may change and function names can change too, so until we freeze that, there really is no guarantee that it’ll remain the same. Permalink

WordPress Themes Using TimThumb Under Attack

WordPress Themes Using TimThumb Under Attack

TimThumb is small php script designed for cropping, zooming and dealing with images on the web. Although WordPress has it’s own image manipulation capabilities, TimThumb seems to remain very popular among free and premium WordPress theme developers. Not for too long though, an issue has been filed for TimThumb version 1.28 and trunk, which apparently gives the attacker shell access to the server hosting the script. Permalink

6 Trac Tickets Every WordPress Developer Should Follow

Trac Tickets for WordPress Developers

As mentioned in an earlier post here on, WordPress 3.3 is expected to arrive around November 15th and I’m sure you’re interested in what’s happening over at the development side of it, so today we’re publishing our top 6 WordPress Core Trac tickets worth following.

If you’re not familiar with Trac, you can read about it right here. Basically, it’s a project management and source code management system that is used in many open source projects including WordPress. Tickets are like issues or messages created and attached to versions so one can follow along.

Following a ticket is quite simple — you need to have a account and use it to log yourself in to the WordPress Core Trac. When viewing a ticket, scroll down to the very bottom and attach yourself to the CC field and submit changes. All the updates to the ticket will go to your e-mail. Make sure you visit the preferences section and set your e-mail for your Trac account too. Permalink

Post Options API: An Alternative to Custom Fields

Post Options API: An Alternative to Custom Fields

Some of the code and concepts in this post are outdated, please view the following post: Post Options API is Almost Ready for Action.

Remember Custom Fields? Yeah, the ones with a not so friendly user interface, designed to assign some meta data to posts, pages and other post types, that would hopefully appear somewhere in the post content through a function called the_meta. The most known example is the “mood” one, but theme and plugin developers nowadays use custom fields (i.e. post meta) for entirely different purposes, like title rewrites, meta description, per post/page custom CSS, AdSense banner codes, social bookmarking links display, layout configuration and much more.

The problem with custom fields is that while being okay for developers, they’re somewhat scary and sometimes frustrating for the less savvy people and it has been like that for years. To avoid that problem, developers are using custom meta boxes with their own custom form fields which are generally wrappers around the original post meta. That way the end-user can set their mood to Happy in a simple drop-down select box or perhaps a radio button group.

The trouble however is that there is no unified way of doing this, so each developer has to come up with their own, meaning redundant code, new UI, new learning curve for the end user and less flexibility. There’s a similar situation with custom admin screens and settings pages, hopefully being solved by the Settings API and today we’ll take a look at a similar concept for post meta data — the Post Options API. Permalink

12 Gorgeous Google+ Icons For Your Website

Google+ Icons Giveaway

Google+ has been around for quite a while and picking up quite nicely. Mashable’s got a cool roundup of over 15 sites and services for Google+ power users and we published our list of 5 Google+ and Google +1 WordPress plugins worth checking out a couple of weeks ago. It seems like people are really liking Google+ and the fact that it’s just like Facebook but not Facebook.

Anyhow, we at have been working on a free icon set for our readers and today we’re glad to give it away. Twelve gorgeous Google+ icons for your website, blog or portfolio. Various shapes and sizes ranging from 32×32 pixels, up to over 500×500!

Google+ Icon Set Preview Permalink

Review: Unspoken Premium Theme by WPShower

Review: Unspoken Premium Theme

Here at apart from creating our own themes, we like to play around with other people’s creations. It’s not just an opportunity to see what others are doing, how they’re rolling out and what kind of features they’re implementing in their themes, but to actually learn from them by reading their code, structure and documentation.

Today we’ve taken the Unspoken premium theme by WPShower which is a magazine and blog theme for WordPress. It was released last month with a couple of updates afterwards. Today Unspoken comes with 7 unique color schemes, a featured slider, customizable home page, widgets, menus, shortcodes and social bookmarking built-in. Permalink

Meet San Fran — Our New Free WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Theme San Fran

Today’s a great day for us over at because just last night our very first free WordPress theme has made it through the review process and has been approved for the Theme directory! San Fran is quite a minimalistic, typography-based WordPress theme that provides a few different color schemes to pick from and many other exciting features. Permalink

WordPress 3.3 Scope Defined, Expected November 15th

WordPress 3.3 Scope Defined

The weekly WordPress development meeting has been held yesterday and the main discussion was the scope of work for the next major WordPress release, 3.3 expected in mid-November this year. I have to admit that the update is not as exciting as 3.2 was but hey, there’s room for bug fixing and minor code and UI improvements, right? And that’s what WordPress 3.3 is mostly about.

Expect a lot of minor bug fixes and performance enhancements, mostly around permalinks structure and rewrite rules, as well as the navigation menus current issues. Some minor improvements to the Meta API and possibly an introduction to a new class called WP_Meta_Box, which is quite exciting for developers that like to customize their post, pages and custom post types screen, as well as have their options pages laid out like the Dashboard. Permalink

Freebie: A Monochrome Vector Icon Set — Post Formats & Real Estate

Freebie: A Monochrome Vector Icon Set -- Post Formats & Real Estate

We’ve been working hard for the past few weeks, mostly client work and themes of course. I mentioned somewhere in an earlier post about having two themes lined up in the directory waiting for the review process and approval (hopefully) but the real announcements will come later. Today I’d like to share some parts of our work with you — our readers. That’s right, an icon set!

Post Formats and Real Estate Permalink

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