Mobile User Interface Design Considerations

Mobile User Interface Design Considerations

So while we’ve been putting together the finishing touches to our mobile application for, we’ve also started work on a mobile theme to accompany one of our forthcoming themes ‘Business Impact’ and as we’ve done quite a bit of research into mobile interface design it occurred to us that it would also make sense to share some of our findings on Now that mobile optimization is growing in importance, websites interfaces that are adapted and modified for the mobile touch screen experience require a lot of careful consideration. Permalink

How to: Create a Child Theme Based on Twenty Eleven

How to: Create a Child Theme Based on Twenty Eleven

This is a follow-up of our previous post where we reviewed Twenty Eleven – the new default theme for WordPress 3.2. In the previous post I explained the the structure of Twenty Eleven and why it’s so easy for developers to take advantage of the theme to customize it for their own purposes, i.e. creating a child theme based on Twenty Eleven.

Today we’ll have more code, we’ll talk about some neat actions and filters that Twenty Eleven has to offer. We’ll create a new child theme for Twenty Eleven but instead of overriding it’s templates, we’ll use our PHP skills to create a new color scheme for Twenty Eleven — an orange one. Permalink A Typography Webapp A Typography Webapp

Choosing a typeface, either for a web page or a brand identity, requires a long and sometimes frustrating process for a designer. Most software works with the same principle when it comes to the font selection: A drop-down menu filled with the fonts installed, on minimum font-size. There’s no quick preview chance, you select the font, adjust the size, adjust the tracking a little. If you don’t feel like it will work, turn back, try again. The project of Fahri Özkaramanli, is an welcome alternative to this annoying process. Think of an application that works just like the Word Preview option of Google Webfonts Version 2 does, but it also displays all the fonts that are installed in your own system, and also gives you lots of options to adjust the previews of these fonts. Permalink


WordPress Setup in Less Than 3 Minutes with SSH

We’ve been working with WordPress and websites for quite a few years now and when it comes to creating a new clean WordPress installation, we’ve got most of the stuff memorized and trained out. Yes, things change, and we adapt to the new traditions, but the core concepts don’t. The following video illustrates a quick … Permalink


Hacking the WordPress Admin: Mastering Custom Columns

Hacking the WordPress Admin: Custom Columns

The WordPress admin panel changed from version to version, and 3.2 introduces an even newer look for the whole admin section. What hasn’t changed is the semantics, the data model and structure of what powers the admin area, and this is what backwards compatibility and “solid platform” is all about.

Today we’ll talk about the admin columns. Ones that live in the edit post and edit page screens inside those massive tables. The tables are generated on the fly, featuring hooks and actions for developers to take advantage of. There are several reasons to do so, since WordPress now powers books websites, real estate portals and many other setups that require more than just a post title, description and a list of tags. Permalink

How To: Publish Your Blog Posts to Twitter with Google Feedburner — In Real Time

WordPress to Twitter with Feedburner

Feeds are not new to WordPress, and neither is Feedburner. Are you tired of tweeting your posts from your blog every time you publish them? Well Feedburner, Socialize, XML-RPC update services and WordPress will solve that issue for you, in real-time!

I’m sure you’re aware of what RSS feeds are and have a clue of how they’re being used. In this post I’ll give you a quick overview of what Feedburner was and is. I’ll show you how easy it is to set up Feedburner for your WordPress blog or website and that there’s nothing really complicated behind that. I’ll then show you how to activate Feedburner’s Socialize tool to feed your posts to Twitter, and finally we’ll test the whole thing out and make sure it’s grabbing those posts as soon as they arrive — real-time. Permalink


WordPress 3.2 Launched and Named Gershwin

So as anticipated the launch of WordPress 3.2 came last night and not only marked the 4th of July U.S holiday but has also been named “Gershwin” in dedication to the famous pianist and composer George Gershwin. As we’ve been previewing screenshots of the new version, for those who haven’t updated to the new version … Permalink


WordPress 3.2 Due For Launch This Week

WordPress 3.2 Due For Launch This Week

So after 3 release candidates and much anticipation its expected that WordPress 3.2 will be launched this week or maybe even today. There have been many announcements from WordPress in a run up to the launch but most importantly I’m sure you all know by now that this installation will require you to be running PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.15 before you update.

You should find out if your hosting provider is up to date (most generally are since PHP 5.2.4 was released in August 2007,  and MySQL 5.0.15 was released at the end of 2006 – so its been long enough). Alternatively if you want to be sure then there is also a Health Check plugin where you can find out if everything is up to scratch for the new release. Permalink

Theme Review: Digging Into Twenty Eleven

Theme Review: Digging Into Twenty Eleven

As you probably already know, WordPress has announced it’s third release candidate for version 3.2, while the actual release is being delayed for a few days. You might be familiar with some of the new features coming up in 3.2, but we have a dedicated blog post for that lined up. This post is about the new default theme in WordPress 3.2 — Twenty Eleven.

This is the second year in a row that WordPress is changing their default theme, which is a good trend and we’re obviously hoping to see Twenty Twelve next year ;) In this post I’ll give you a short intro to the Twenty Eleven theme and the functionality it provides. We’ll talk a little bit about post formats, layouts, color schemes and the theme options. We’ll then dive into the code of Twenty Eleven and see how the theme development guidelines have changed since last year’s Twenty Ten. Permalink

An Introduction to Grid Systems

An Introduction to Grid Systems

We’ve noticed that WordPress themes and frameworks are being promoted for their grid-based layouts and the awareness and value for grid systems amongst designers and developers has rapidly grown in the last few years. You only have to search the term ‘grid’ and there are literally 100′s if not 1000′s of articles, tutorials and books all about grid systems in web design.

What’s interesting is the principles of grid systems are age old and the relevance of it to the digital medium are as real today as ever before. With the increasing scope of screens and resolution sizes the requirements of a designer to think on many different levels are also growing. Designers are no longer just designing layouts for the web but for mobile and tablets and versatility and organization of content is more important then ever. Permalink

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