– Instant Storefront for Your iPhone App

Huge announcement for us today, guys! As developers, we at always think of ways to simplify our dev lives and automate routine tasks. Isn’t it nice, when a neat piece of code or a handy service does something for you, leaving you more time to do fun things?

As we once mentioned, creating your mobile app is not the only challenge for an indie developer. In fact, development is fun, if you love it! But after your app is all ready and published, it needs promotion, and a place where you can showcase your app out there on the Net. Here comes Social Media. It helps you spread the word, informing people and creating awareness… Does it help? Definitely. Still, it would be nice to get a showcase platform, that lets you present you app. We know it, we’ve got our own apps, and we want to help you out!

We are proud to present you – a simple service that instantly creates a landing page for your iPhone app! It’s a little website that lets you showcase your app just in a few steps: sign up, fill up the fields, publish. As a result, you get a clean storefront page for your app. No worries about hosting, domain name purchase, setting up your server or any other routine things. Find out about other features: Permalink

New Version of Stella! + Automatic Updates for our Plugins

Great news for our plugins users! New versions of  WPMU Bar (ver 1.1) and Stella (1.2.37) plugins support automatic updates from our server! It is just like the standard WordPress update:

To get the latest version just click “update now” and voilà, here it is!

Once more, we are happy to update our beloved Stella Plugin for WordPress. It allows you to seamlessly manage your multilingual content via tabs in the standard “Edit Post” page.

  1. Step one: select languages you want to use in your blog.
  2. Step two: fill your tabs with related content.
  3. Step three: click “Publish”.

Piece of cake! And it’s just the tip of the iceberg =)

See what’s new in Stella 1.2.37 after the break. Permalink

WPMU Bar Updated to 1.1! Easy WordPress Multisite Navigation for Your Visitors

A bit of update for our WPMU Bar plugin for WordPress here. As we all know, the admin bar in WordPress is a pretty good tool for navigating through websites that run on Multisite. But what about your visitors? They can’t see the admin bar, and can’t switch between your websites as fast as you can! Here comes WPMU Bar – a WordPress Multisite navigation plugin that allows your visitors to easily switch through your WP websites via upper bar with a drop down menu. It also effortlessly integrates into your existing websites: you can customize backgrounds, upload your logo. Let the users share your sites via social buttons (google+, facebook, twitter). You can also enable a custom button, which will lead to a pre-defined URL, and it’s unique to every website!

Read the full post to see the changes. Permalink

Introduction to WordPress Users (Part I: Roles)

When working on a project, the question of adding capabilities to some roles and users sometimes rises. Thanks to high-quality and easiness of WordPress API, we can set our website’s user system as we want. In this article I’ll try to uncover how the users in WordPress act and mention the basics of API, which would be helpful for us when working with roles.


AppShowcase: a WordPress Theme to Promote Your iOS App

Writing apps for iPhone or iPad? Want to promote them? Take a look at our new AppShowcase theme! It gives the iOS experience in the web, highlighting the best that your app could bring to the table. Permalink

Stella the Localization Plugin: Creating Your Own Custom Widget

Creating your own Stella Widget

Our multilingual localization plugin for WordPress, Stella, has been out for a while, and we received a lot of useful feedback from our customers. Quite a plenty of our tech support emails asked how to create a language dropdown select widget, so we decided to write a tutorial on creating your own custom widget for Stella. At the end, you can download the source code in a form of a plugin. Permalink

Meet Stella Multilingual WordPress Plugin: Rosetta v1.2 update

Good news everyone! We pay a lot of attention to your feedback and are eager to announce our first update to Rosetta, including some very neat features and bugfixes.

And first of all: Rosetta is now Stella =)

We want to thank our customers for the contribution: we are proud to announce that we got feedback from Singapore, South Africa, Denmark, US, Estonia, Cyprus and other countries from all over the world. One of the first languages that a website has been localized into using our multilingual plugin, is Thai.

There is quite a bunch of fixes – and features that have been suggested by our customers and our team as well! Permalink Store Update

Today, we want to introduce a new little handy feature for our Store – an update button. This is for our customers who had already purchased any of our products.

To update, you just need to open our Store Page, select the product you’ve purchased previously and click the “Update” button (it’s under “Theme or Plugin Info” section). After you press the button, a pop-up will open and you’ll need to enter the email you specified upon product purchase. That’s it – new version is on the way to the adress you’ve entered (of course, if you have already bought this product before). Permalink

WPMU Bar Plugin for WordPress

Imagine that you are running multiple sites using WordPress multisite feature. When logged as an administrator you have a handy upper admin bar to switch between sites. But what about your visitor? How can he navigate between sites? Should you write a static navigation menu for each site just like Web 1.0? No! WpMuBar plugin provides your visitors with smart upper bar menu that can be used for quick and simple navigation between your sites. Of course it is customizable so you can integrate it into your existing sites design. Permalink

SanScrit 2.0

It is possible to make almost anything better. This applies to our themes as well, so we thought of ways to make our themes more flexible. What is the first thing that makes a blog stand out, the first thing that catches the reader’s eye? It’s definitely color. Pre-defined colors make your blog so boring! It looks just like thousands of others! We thought about that and added some new features to our SanScrit theme. Permalink

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