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WordPress End-User Security by Dre Armeda

In this video from WordCamp Chicago, Dre talks about security when working with WordPress. He starts from securing your local computer, using safe passwords and the good ways to securely connect to the Internet and WordPress. Dre then mentions a great deal of techniques on making your WordPress installation more secure, file permissions, SSL certificates, … Permalink Weekly Roundup #13 Weekly WordPress Roundup

In todays edition of Weekly Roundup we’ll take you through this week’s happenings in the world of WordPress. Permalink

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The Responsive Grid & You: Extending Your WordPress Site Across Multiple Devices

In this video Jeremy Fuksa talks about responsive web design and responsive grid systems at WordCamp Kansas City 2011. It’s pretty interesting how Jeremy points out that “Responsive” is simply a buzz word, just like AJAX — something that existed long ago but was not that popular. He explains what responsive web design is all … Permalink


WordPress Internals: The Cron

WordPress Internals: The Cron

Last time, we dived into the abyss of WordPress Rewrites, this time we invite you on a journey through time managed by the WordPress Cron. The WordPress Cron API is responsible providing an interface for managing events to the schedule and spawning the main wp-cron.php file when it’s time.

It’s latter function is particularly useful when a crontab is unavailable or not setup. It is enabled by default which means that everyone usually gets approximately crontab-like functionality out of the box. Permalink

Grab our Lorenz Business WordPress Theme for only $10 this weekend. This is a limited time offer due to our PayPal integration changes, so we’re testing things out. If you have any trouble during the checkout process or with the theme itself, please let us know. Permalink Weekly Roundup #12 (11/11/11) Weekly Roundup

Yet another Friday, another Weekly Roundup, and while you’re reading this keep your eyes on the clock, you may have not yet missed 11:11:11 11/11/11 in your timezone. Okay, let’s go ahead and browse over some of the latest happenings and interesting must-reads in the world of WordPress.

And by the way, theoretically this is Weekly Roundup #11 as we had a conjoined #9 and #10 two weeks before. Permalink

Deploying WordPress with Capistrano Part 3: Backing Up and Restoring MySQL

Deploying WordPress with Capistrano

So you’ve been through the first two parts of the series and if not, here’s part 1 and here’s part two. In this third part we’ll go over backing up and restoring your WordPress database via Capistrano tasks and we’ll finally see how to attach our backup task to the main deployment task for automatic backups during deploys. Permalink

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Chip Bennett on WordPress Theme Repository

Chip Bennett (who is one of the leading reviewers for themes) talks about the WordPress Theme Repository at WordCamp Kansas City 2011. Chip gives quite a complete walkthrough of what the theme repository is, how it works and of course how to develop and submit your themes for approval to the themes directory. Guidelines, … Permalink


WordPress 3.3 Beta 3 is now available! The release candidate has been moved to mid-November and the launch date has been set to 29th of November. Test your themes and plugins against the third beta and report a bug if you found it. Also note that WordPress 3.3 is shipping with jQuery 1.7. You can find a change log in this post in the jQuery blog. Permalink

Create a Typography Based WordPress Blog Theme is a new tutorial by Chris Spooner on Line25. Chris started the tutorial way back from the design stage, then over to HTML5 and CSS3 coding, and now this seems to be the final part bringing it all together into a full-blown WordPress theme. Permalink

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