WordPress Internals: The Rewrite API

WordPress Internals: The Rewrite API

In today’s edition of WordPress Internals we are going to dig into the WordPress Rewrite API. Exploring its inner workings and mechanisms should allow us to understand WordPress better, why it does what it does and how it does it.

Have you ever wondered how the heck does WordPress take /2011/10/15/wordpress-rewrites-ftw and renders that exact page? Surely there’s no 2011 folder and a file called wordpres-rewrites-ftw does not exist inside the document root. So what’s going on? Permalink

Theme.fm Weekly Roundup #11

Theme.fm Weekly Roundup

Welcome to another edition of Theme.fm’s Weekly Roundup, where we take you through this week’s latest happenings around WordPress. Permalink

Building WordPress Themes You Can Sell by Sawyer Hollenshead for Smashing Magazine describes the process of entering the theme market. Sawyer writes about his mistakes and covers some great tips for young developers hungry to make money from WordPress themes. Child themes, theme options, shortcodes, advertising and social networking options are covered as well. Permalink


What the hell is scaling anyway? Ability to handle high web traffic. Ability to deal with tons of file uploads, and tons of data in the database. Ability to rapidly deploy lots of blogs. A systematized process for quality assurance. A dummy proof admin interface and a support system for the people using the system. Permalink

Peter Chester, 170 Radio Stations: WordPress at Scale at WordCamp Los Angeles 2011



Peter Chester gave a talk at WordCamp Los Angeles in mid September this year, where he covered some of the basics of scaling multi-site WordPress based on his own experience with over 170 radio stations. He summarized the above checklist as “the ability to manage growth.”

“Locking Yourself Out” of the Syntax Highlighter (Evolved) Plugin

WordPress: Locking Yourself Out of Syntax Highlighter

As much as we all hate shortcodes in WordPress, there are times we simply have to use them, like the Syntax Highlighter Evolved plugin which is definitely one of the best out there. But what happens when you don’t want to highlight your source code any longer? What happens if you want to disable the plugin?

What happens to those hundreds (or maybe thousands) of posts with code inside? That’s right. Syntax Highlighter “locks you in” to using it and if you deactivate it, all your shortcodes are rendered in plain text. Today we’re going to talk about “locking yourself out” of using the syntax highlighter plugin without breaking your content. Permalink

Joost de Valk has published some great questions and answers about SEO and WordPress on his blog. Joost used his Facebook page to gather questions from his fans and followers for 24 hours (around 50 questions were posted) and then answered some of them in a post on his website.

We think the idea is great in general and Joost should definitely do this more often, although it would be more interesting if the questions and answers (together with the people) were in one place for a conversation rather than question-answer. We loved how Barry from the WordPress.com team did his Ask Barry session at WordCamp San Francisco this year. Permalink

  Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 12.30.59 PM

Advanced WordPress Development

In this video Andrew Nacin and Otto Wood (who both work on the WordPress core) gave a great talk at WordCamp Montreal a few of weeks ago. The presentation was called “Advanced Topics in WordPress Development” where andrew and Otto covered some real cool advanced APIs. They talk and share code snippets on correct usage … Permalink


Our friends over at WPMU.org have recently published a list of Halloween plugins for WordPress, so if you’re running a WordPress website, make sure you grab yourself one of them. Bats, cats, pumpkins and more, although we had trouble running some of them due to some javascript conflicts. Hope you’re enjoying Halloween!

P.S. We’re trying out some of the post formats here on Theme.fm, as you can see this is a Link. Hopefully we’ll get the others to work very soon and sort out the problems with the non-titled posts in some RSS aggregators. Stay tuned! Permalink

Theme.fm Weekly Roundup #9 and #10

Theme.fm Weekly Roundup

Unfortunately we missed our Weekly Roundup #9 last Friday, so this one’s going to be a two-week roundup, bringing you the happenings of the past two weeks in the world of WordPress. Permalink

Tumblr-Like Post Formats by Alex King and Crowd Favorite

Post Formats in WordPress

Alex King from Crowd Favorite has recently posted an article on something they’ve been working on together with the team — a better Admin UI for Post Formats. Alex talks about a plugin that adds a more intuitive and meaningful user interface to post formats in WordPress. Permalink

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