Weekly Roundup #6 Weekly Roundup

This week’s been more energetic than ever in the world of WordPress and without further ado let’s dig in this week’s happenings. Permalink

5 Useful MySQL Queries for WordPress

MySQL Queries for WordPress

MySQL is what runs behind 99.9% of all WordPress installs so with a little bit of SQL knowledge and some creativity, you could do some great stuff to grab all sorts of data directly from your WordPress database. This post will show you five interesting and quite useful SQL queries to run against your WordPress database. Permalink

6 Sessions from WordCamp Boston Worth Watching

WordCamp Boston Videos

WordCamp Boston was back in July and unfortunately we were unable to attend or cover the event. Fortunately though, the videos from most of the sessions are available at and in this post we’ll embed the most exciting ones from over 40 videos. Permalink

5 Tips to WordPress Theme Developers

Tips for WordPress Theme Developers

The WordPress theme development market has grown incredibly in the past few years and with so many companies and freelancers around, how do you stand out? In this post we bring you five tips on how to make your theme easier to use, avoid frustrating customers, use WordPress to the max and provide better and cleaner code for WordPress developers. Permalink Weekly Roundup #5 Weekly Roundup

Howdy. Seems like only yesterday did our WordPress Weekly Roundup air, yet a whole week has rushed by delivering lots of interesting content and ideas revolving around WordPress and its communities. Permalink

WordPress Plugin Giveaway: Attachments Pro

Attachments Pro for WordPress

It’s been quite a while since our last plugin giveaway, and we’ve finally stumbled upon a nifty little plugin to get attached to your day. There comes a time in our lives when we require or are required to display some attachments in our WordPress posts. Of course hotlinking from the WordPress Media section or Dropbox may help, but what if you want nicely structured borders around a list of attachments? Copy and paste the code from a previous post? Permalink

  admin-pointers-video Experiments: Admin Tour with WordPress Pointers

We wrote about feature pointers in WordPress earlier this week and one of the usage scenarios that came into my mind (except introducing new core features after WordPress upgrades) is tours, which is why we created this yet another experiment. Permalink Permalink


WordPress Internals: How WordPress Boots Up Part 2

WordPress Internals Part 2

In my previous post on How WordPress Boots Up we went over half of the bootup process up to the point where WordPress wp-settings.php returns as a SHORTINIT’ed version, with the barebones of WordPress available, which, though an obscure feature, turns out to be quite useful for environments where only the very core WordPress features are required (especially the database abstraction). I encourage you to at least skim through part one, don’t worry we won’t leave without you. Permalink

Writing a Tweets to WordPress Posts Plugin (Part 1)

Tweets to WordPress Plugin

There are quite a few plugins out there and this post is not about using them, but rather about creating your own. In this tutorial (which will be divided into several parts) we’ll cover the fundamentals of the WordPress Cron (task scheduling) engine, we’ll query the Twitter API every once in a while to gather new tweets, and we’ll publish those tweets as status posts in WordPress. Permalink

Introducing Pointers in WordPress 3.3

Admin Pointers in WordPress 3.3

WordPress 3.3 is planned for November this year and we published the scope a while ago here on As mentioned in that post, 3.3 will get a series of UI improvements, one of which is Pointers (or Admin Pointers). We learned about pointers in WordPress a few hours ago from one of Daryl Koopersmith’s changesets so we decided to give it a spin ourselves. Permalink

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