Weekly Roundup #4 Weekly Roundup #4

Ending this second week of September we’ve collected some of this week’s happenings in our weekly roundup. Permalink

Strategies for Successful WordPress Upgrades

Strategies for Successful WordPress Upgrades

As WordPress has become more and more popular, the community around it has begun to thrive. Currently, we’re seeing a boom in theme development, plugin development, and general use of the platform that’s never existed before. For the most part, all of this is really good stuff, right? Of course!

But there’s one glaring disadvantage to having an ecosystem like WordPress: Upgrades.

At some point, we’ve all experienced an upgrade failure either with a plugin, a theme, or with WordPress core. In some cases, it’s minor – such as with plugins. Simply uninstall, reinstall, and you’re good to go; however, having a core WordPress upgrade failure can bring your site to its knees.

Although problems will continue to happen from time to time, there are significant measures that we can take to minimize potential points of failure. Permalink

Display the Number of Comments Held for Moderation

Comments Moderation in WordPress

It’s always nice to show how many comments and pingbacks your posts have, right? There are also plugins that can show off how many comments have been blocked as spam as a sidebar widget, although I don’t see how useful that could be to your readers :)

Today we’ll talk about comment moderation and how to show off the number of comments held for moderation for a particular post. In addition to that we’ll try to list the authors of such comments which can sometimes be useful. Permalink

5 Tips for Becoming a Better WordPress Developer

5 Tips for Becoming a Better WordPress Developer

There are a lot of tutorials, videos and screencasts, training courses and books that can teach you WordPress, and WordPress is well known for it’s large community, so perhaps the most important part in your journey is to be part of that community. Today we’ll talk about some tips that will make you a better WordPress developer. We’ll talk about the core team and Trac, standard WordPress themes, coding standards and best practices, the WordPress Codex and some tips on contributing to WordPress. Permalink

ThemeSorter: A Search Engine Dedicated to WordPress Premium Themes

ThemeSorter Review

Premium WordPress themes are really everywhere these days – new theme stores are on the rise, there are a vast range of blogs writing, reviewing and showcasing themes and there are developers who are endlessly using and building upon these themes.  With all the news, reviews and tutorials about Premium WordPress themes these days, have you ever found yourself lost when it simply comes to searching for Themes. Permalink

WordPress Internals: How WordPress Boots Up

WordPress Internals: How WordPress Boots Up

Managing a WordPress blog, designing and deploying WordPress themes, and even writing WordPress plugins does not require an in-depth knowledge of how WordPress processes requests to its pages, forms responses based on those requests and spews out a nice and clean HTML code to make the users happy. However, understanding the inner-workings of what makes it all tick proves (at least to us) to be a great advantage when coding advanced plugins or theme features and debugging them.

From those of us who have hacked a theme here and there (hopefully using child themes) once in a while, those who have written their own twitter or other service feed plugins or widgets, to those who are simply interested in PHP and software architecture in general, we invite you to join us on a journey deep into WordPress core code. Permalink Weekly Roundup #3 Weekly WordPress Roundup

Another week has rushed by, lots has happened in the world of WordPress and we shall go over some of this week’s highlights. Permalink

3 Components For Successful WordPress Projects

Components for a Successful WordPress Project

In the past couple of years, WordPress has matured from a blogging application, beyond a content management system, into a platform on which teams, organizations, and individual developers are building solutions.

In fact, WordPress has matured to the point where people are building entire businesses around the platform: authors are using it as a publishing platform, photographers and artists are using it as a way to showcase their portfolio, and new roles – such as professional blogging – are emerging. Permalink

Meet Lorenz! A Business Premium Theme from

Today’s a very special day for us, we’re announcing our first premium theme called Lorenz — a nice looking and flexible WordPress theme made especially for small business. We’ve been working on Lorenz for over a month in total and did our best to provide a clean design layout, WordPress features you’re already familiar with and a high quality documented code to build your child themes upon.

We’re now running an early launch with a 50% discount until October 10th, at which point we’ll release an exciting update to Lorenz and distribute it to everybody who bought the theme. Interested? Take a look at the Lorenz Theme page we have created or continue reading to learn more.

This post will give you a quick overview of what Lorenz is all about from both the user’s and the developer’s perspective. We will cover the design, features, support and some developers goodies. Permalink

  macros-in-wordpress Experiments: Macros in WordPress

We published this video a while ago but didn’t really show it off until today. We do all sorts of experiments here at and based on user feedback we might decide to release a plugin some day ;) This video shows how macros could be used when writing WordPress posts. Permalink Permalink

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