How to: Display Avatars with Twitter Blockquotes for WordPress

Twitter Avatars oEmbed

We released our Twitter oEmbed plugin for WordPress last month and we’ve been getting quite some positive feedback about that from developers. Today we’re going to show you how to use the plugin’s filters to add the tweet author’s avatar (profile image) to the left of your Twitter quotes. Permalink

Deploying WordPress with Capistrano Part 2: Staging Servers, Tagging & Database Security

WordPress and Capistrano

In the first part of this tutorial we met Capistrano — a command line utility to deploy your web application. We went through the process of installing Capistrano and “capifying” WordPress, a new look at the WordPress configuration file and the shared uploads directory.

Today we’ll dig deeper into Capistrano and cover three topics that may come in useful for larger projects. We’ll talk about staging, where deploys are made to a testing server by default and on a production server on demand. We’ll also talk about deploying with Git tags instead of the master branch. Finally I’ll show you a trick on how to hide your production database credentials, useful for large-scale projects where many developers are involved. Permalink Weekly Roundup #2 Weekly Roundup

Welcome to our second weekly roundup, where we provide an overview of this week’s happenings in the world of WordPress. Permalink

5 More WordCamp Sessions You Should Have Watched

WordCamp Sessions from San Francisco

A few weeks have now passed since WordCamp San Francisco 2011 and the videos from the sessions are rolling out over at almost every day. Of course all the sessions are worth watching, but id you’re limited on time, we have picked another set of videos and embedded them all in this post. Permalink

Introducing San Kloud: A Free Blogging WordPress Theme

San Kloud for WordPress

If you heard about San Fran, a WordPress theme we released around a month ago, you’ll be happy to know that based on it (but not really a child theme) we have created San Kloud — a free WordPress theme made especially for blogging.

In this post we’ll talk a little bit about the features of San Kloud and the process of designing, developing and releasing the theme to the public. Oh and Kloud in San Kloud is not a typo ;) Permalink

Using the Color Picker in Your WordPress Theme Options

Color Picker in Theme Options Tutorial

Theme Options pages get quite sophisticated these days, providing the end user with a highly customizable WordPress experience. Our topic today is color and color pickers, which can be used to provide the theme user with an option to choose colors for different things like the footer area, the general text color, the navigation menu background color, headings color and so on. Of course all of this can easily be done by simply providing a Custom CSS field, but let’s admit that not everybody’s fluent in CSS.

Today we’ll talk about Farbtastic, a jQuery color picker script that is shipped together with WordPress. We’ll create a Theme Options page with a single text field and I’ll show you how to pop out the color wheel when the user clicks that field, as well as save and use the saved color in your theme afterwards. Permalink

Post Options API is Almost Ready for Action!

Post Options API for WordPress

You probably heard about the Post Options API project that we’ve been working on for a couple of months now. It’s a set of functions that allow you to easily create additional fields in posts and pages edit screens. Quite a good alternative to the native WordPress Custom Fields.

We’ve done some major modifications to the API in the last few weeks and today we’re glad to announce that the project is in beta and open for feedback. If you haven’t read our introduction post earlier this month then you probably should, since today we’ll talk about the new structure, the API and other changes. Permalink


Interview: Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp San Francisco

This is our last interview from WordCamp San Francisco 2011 and yes, it’s Matt Mullenweg himself. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to talk to Matt so this one’s quite short, but definitely exciting. A very big shout out goes to Adria Richards for making this possible. Permalink Permalink Weekly Roundup #1 Weekly Roundup

We’re kicking off our Weekly Roundups. Every Friday we’ll (hopefully) cover some of the best things that happen to WordPress and the WordPress community during that week and throw in a couple of occasional opinions too. Permalink


Interview: Otto (Samuel Wood) — WordPress Core Developer

Hey there, hope you’re enjoying our interviews from WordCamp San Francisco and today we’ve finished processing Samuel Wood, who’s better known as Otto in the WordPress community. Otto talks about himself, about development tools that he likes to use when working with WordPress. He also mentions beer, hmm, interesting! Permalink Permalink

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